[Course Forum] Spanska (Spanien) 1 to 7 by Memrise (Spanish for Swedish speakers)

I do not speak Spanish but there seems to be an error on level 7, the phrase “nunca estamos cansados” has been translated as “han är aldrig nöjd” (“he’s never pleased”). This seems wrong to me. A better translation would be “vi är aldrig trötta” (“we’re never tired”), right? Please fix. This is a really bad error that makes me lose motivation to continue this course, even using Memrise at all. :disappointed: Maybe make a review of the whole course? Should I just skip this course and pick up one “from English” instead?

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Memrise is fine, but some of their newer courses need a bit of polishing :slight_smile:

You could try looking at the “community-created” courses, too. There are plenty of those around and you might find a longer established one which has already been corrected more.

But you are right, that is the wrong translation that somehow got in there.

“cual” is given as “viken”, which I assume is a typo and should be “viLken”, what do you think?

That is in Level 8, by the way.

How do I tell that a course is new?

You can’t. There is no way to tell.

There used to be, at least.

You used to be able to see when a mem was made. There are some mems on the first part of the four-part course, “8,000+ Most common Swedish Words”, which are five or even six years old.

If you look, there are plenty of other courses in Spanish for Swedish speakers. You just need to type in your language as being Swedish and start scrolling through the list. The memrise-created courses come first - naturally - but just keep on scrolling and you will find others.

A person calling themselves “klingisen” seems to have made quite a few.


Newer courses have higher number in address line. Every course has a number (it’s like their ID)

I think that what @amanda-norrsken meant by new courses are the courses Memrise Introduced last year (with videos).
There never were official courses for speakers of Swedish. It takes a little time to get those courses right.
So @SvenSula if you find errors, report them here. (I didn’t find any existing course forums)
The Spanish specialist @angileptol and the Swedish specialist (I’ve forgotten her name, sorry)
Will sort things out


The whole level 7 is bad translated.
the phrase “nunca estamos cansados” has been translated as “han är aldrig nöjd” which means he’s never pleased. But I am pretty sure it is we are never tired.
There is many of these things in level 7 where they becomes to you and the words mean totally other things.

@Lien @angileptol

Here we have an official Memrise course with a clear error reported on May 9. TWO MONTHS later, a new frustrated user is reporting the SAME error?

Could Memrise please assign a staffer to monitor this official course forum? Thanks!


It is sad that we can´t fix the problem our selves. There is around 3 or 4 wrongs in level 7.

For the moment I have actually choosed to click in ignore word. But it is sad that it has to be like this.

The wrong translations I found at level 7:

siempre están contentos
du är alltid glad
should be: de är alltid glada or siempre estás contento

nunca estamos cansados
han är aldrig nöjd
should be: vi är aldrig trötta or ??nunca está contento??

¿por qué estáis tan tristes?
varför är du så ledsen?
should be: varför är ni så ledsna? or por qué estás tan triste?

está un poco triste porque estáis enfadados con él
han är lite ledsen för att du är arg på honom
should be: han är lite ledsen för att ni är arga på honom or está un poco triste porque estás enfadado con él

I’ve realised that the translation always go from you to du when you both means du and ni.
So I am not suprised if others levels with du in is wrong instead.

Let a true swede fix the wrongs and not an non swedish. Otherwise there will be these kinds of fault because we have du for only 1 you and ni when you means many people.

I hope this is fixed real soon, since I have given both the level, the course, which words is wrong and the right translation and a reason why it could be wrong!’


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It is really great of you to take the time to see to this!

Tusen tack! Muchas gracias!

I have tagged the Swedish expert (@LenaE ) and the Spanish expert (@angileptol ) so I hope that these problems will be dealt with soon.

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Har du tid för att rätta de här sakerna?

Jag vet inte hur man säger det på svenska :slight_smile: Men @angileptol kan säkert hjälpa dig.


Hi Jolanda, thank you so much for pointing this out, I will look into it as soon as possible! So sorry about the mistranslations.


Hi Jolanda, I’ve sorted out the problems you pointed out in the app. Just make sure you log out and log back in again, and you will get the latest version, hopefully with fewer mis-translations. Do let me know if you find anything else I need to fix, cheers Lena


Hi @LenaE for level 8 in Spanska (Spanien) 1 there is one wrong tranlsation.

cuál viken

should be

cuál vilken

I believe there was just a mistake where they forgot to put in the L in some kind of way. Hope you can fix it.

Thank you for fixing the problems in level 7. :grinning:

I found another wrong in level 12 Spanksa 1.

when it says

¿qué significa … ? it tells me the tranlsation is vad

the right answer should be

vad betyder…?


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Yes, Jolanda, you are absolutely right, that was a classic typo, well spotted! :grinning:

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There is an error in Spanska (Spanien 2), level 21-Vad är klockan, “siempre llega tarde” is translated to “klockan ett” That translation is incorrect. It should say something similar to “han kommer alltid försent”.

Bug report:
In "Spanska 1"
there are 2 entries for "varsegod:, “de nada” and “aquí está” which are not interchangeable,
hard to guess the right one :wink:


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Tack, Göran, jag har fixat det!