[Course Forum] Spanish Duolingo Part 1 & Spanish Duolingo Part 2 by oowowaee

Spanish Duolingo Part 1 & Spanish Duolingo Part 2

These courses contain the words of the Duolingo “Spanish from English” course for the tree of 2016.
Also included are “BONUS” lessons which contain numerous additional vocabulary.

Duolingo teaches Latin American Spanish but Castilian words are added as additional words.

The courses can be found here.

  1. app.memrise.com/course/18344
  2. app.memrise.com/course/124260
  3. Part 3 with remaining words and the new tree is currently under development.

Please post feedback and suggestions on the course content and any errors you may find. Please indicate which course and level the feedback refers to.

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I would like to thank you for your effort on the course, and for adding the new words that just appeared on Duolingo within a couple of days.

There have been some slight, easily remedied hiccups with these new additions:

  1. butter and garlic are incorrect no matter what, I’m seeing some whitespace between “la” and “mantequilla” so that might be it

  1. when asked for the word purple in the multiple choice question, you get two correct answers, purpura and purpura§. funnily enough, purpura§ is the one that’s always correct

[just to be clear, this is about the first course]

Hello jablanko,

Welcome to the new forum.

Both el ajo and la mantequilla should be fixed now.

But for púrpura I can find no problems. Maybe you remembered wrong and you had the choice between purple and purple(p)? The first one is the already existing answer for morado.
Otherwise it could be a Memrise glitch. The one where previously deleted entries still appear as answers in the multiple choice questions.

Hello, I was just about to start learning colours when I realised that “orange” is the given definition for naranja. Wouldn’t this mean I’d not be able to distinguish between la naranja as in the fruit orange, and naranja as in the colour when being asked?

Would something such as orange (colour) and orange (fruit) be possible?

Hello MissEngland,
Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve edited the English definitons as requested.

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Hey, great course!
Just one thing: Level 10, BONUS Clothing, has some food items in it? Is that how it should be? Do I have to start wearing lettuce? D:

Oops. Something must have gone wrong when I made alterations because Duolingo had added new words to the course. These items should have just been moved from BONUS Foods to Foods but seem to have been copied in BONUS Clothing.
Thanks for the heads up.

Hi duaal,

Thanks for creating this course and giving the words audio. In Level 5 - Food - there are 2 audios for the English word “fruit”. Unfortunately, the first is “las frutas” plural while the second correctly says “la fruta”. Could this audio be removed?


Hello ripcurlgirl,

I did not create this course myself but I am still sometimes working on and adding to it.
I have just removed “las frutas” (and added some new audio in other levels).

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¡Muchas gracias!


In course 1, level 41, the word aún has, in the english translation, the hint (t…), same as todavía, instead of (a…)

Hi T_Sc529,

Thanks, corrected.

The word yes/sí is listed as an adverb. It’s an interjection.

yes/sí can be an adverb or an interjection or a noun. Mostly an adverb though.


Hm. I disagree with that site’s analysis on the first ‘adverb’ meaning - it’s still an interjection there, just followed by a sentence. But I didn’t know the second one, so I would list both or all three (with the noun) parts of speech.

I must say I have not systematically checked the values for the field ‘part of speech’ for all words in these courses. Sofar I’ve just corrected them now and then when I came across values that seemed really off.
It could be really tricky to get this complelely right because the usage of grammatical terms can differ between languages. English for instance is strange with determiners.

And Spanish uses some words for a lot of different functions.

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Huh, whatever - not going to delve any deeper into that can of worms right now.

On a different note, the words el baño and el dinero are missing from the Possessives level.

Do you want me to take you seriously? :unamused:

el baño is Places level 42, el dinero is in Object level 43. The course was created by oowowaee who chose to regroup the words into categories.

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Hi @duaal, in course 1, level 50:

ningún not any, none §

I don’t know what the § stands for, but it’s probably wrong here?

Hi T_Sc529,

I guess I temporarily left it like that because I did not know either. I have removed the § and added adjective to part of speech.