[Course Forum] Spanish Duolingo by zippy9z

Hey everyone, this is the new forum for my course since the old forum system was removed. I’ll be posting level updates here as usual. Again, feel free to leave fixes and suggestions below.

Link to the course: http://www.memrise.com/course/114794/spanish-duolingo/

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Added “Business.”

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Added “Communication.”

Added “Spiritual,” finally removed “Words Without a Level Yet.”

Added “Politics.”

I recommend that you add a link to the course.

Made minor changes in Basics 1 and Basics 2, and changed the course picture.

Added “Arts” a little while ago. I also added a link in the first post, thanks lurajane. And thanks Myles!

Added “Science.”

Added “deber” to “Verbs: Infinitive 2.”

I found a few mistakes:

Level 30 (Objects Part 1)

la arma should el arma

Level 51 (Education)

el clase should be la clase

Level 53 (Vocabulary 1 Part 2)

el objectivo should be el objetivo without the “c”

Thanks hazzin, those have all been fixed. Everyone will have to re-learn objetivo though because now it has audio.

I added “Vocabulary 3,” so this means the course is finished! Congrats everyone who has made it this far!


Thanks for fixing it and great work with the course. :slight_smile:

btw I found another mistake:

Level 63 (Vocabulary 2 part 3)
“la critica” should have an acute accent on the first syllable like this “la crítica”

Thanks, it’s fixed now.

Hi, there seems to be missing a lot of word from level 57 Verbs: Present Perfect

Hi, I have noticed two issues:

  1. The audio for “el zapato” says “los zapatos” (clothing).
  2. The word for “brown” is said to be “café” while I think the correct word would be “marrón” (I think this is also clothing).

I also want to say thank you for the course, I think Duolingo + Memrise is the best working learning method for me.


I think there is something wrong with the word la lechuga and that the problem is Memrise wanting two spaces between la and lechuga and thus incorrectly taking it as misspelling continuously.

I’ve fixed the three errors you’ve pointed out – thanks for letting me know.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I also now encountered el empresario audio #2 saying la empresario.

Fixed. When adding words to a course, Memrise supplies a few audio clips to use for each word, so an incorrect one slips by every now and then. If you catch any more let me know - it only takes a minute to fix.