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The idea of this course is that a person can remeber words more easily when they are in a poetry form. At least it works for me very well. :slight_smile:

Currently, the course contains 326 words from 5 pop songs:
Tanja Žagar - Ne čakaj me
Saša Lendero - Še en krog
Čuki - Sto na uro
Nina Pušlar - Poljub na klopci
Donačka - Sonce za srce

A music video is linked for each song from a singer’s official Youtube channel.

Words are given in the dictionary form: adjectives in masculine singular, verbs in infinitive etc.
Some words (especially the irregular ones) are also present in declinated/conjugated form.
A part of speech is specified for each word.
Also, grammatical gender and grammatical aspect are specified for nouns and verbs respectively.
Verbs are given in aspect pairs, when possible.

The course does not include some basic words such as personal pronouns (in their dictionary form) and forms of biti (to be) in the present and past tenses. So that you do not have to press “Ignore” too often.
Declinated personal pronouns and future tense of biti are still present.

Your feedback are always welcome. :slight_smile:

That’s really a good idea. I should do that also. How do you add a video to your course?

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First you need to add a Mulimedia Level to your course. (“Add Level” -> “Mulimedia”)
Then click “Edit Mulimedia”, type “embed:” (without quotation marks) and Copy-Paste a link to Youtube video.

For example:

That line will be replaced with an embedded video when viewing a level.

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New song added to the course:
Donačka - Sonce za srce

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This is a really nice course and I am quite enjoying it.

One thing I noticed is that you have both zapeljevati and zapeljati listed as the imperfective form of verb. Is zapeljati actually the perfective form? I constantly miss on review sessions because you have to guess which one to put in.

Also can you explain the difference in meaning/usage of nemir vs direndaj?


Fixed. Thanks!

I’m not sure. :slight_smile:
It seems that nemir is a kind of mental condition, literally: when your mind is not miren (quiet, calm). And direndaj looks like some kind of activity, when various events are going on around.

New song added:
Ansambel Stil - Čedna mala trmasta