[Course Forum] Simplified Chinese courses by Mirko

dear @Lien,

would you please email Mirko to see if he still is interested in memrise? He’s been absent for years now.
(I am not interested in curating his courses, as the pace at my office is increasing…) I cannot find other individual (Hanzi) characters courses with more or less native audio; and some mistakes and lack of alternative definitions in his courses are driving me mad…For ex 渐 - he gives this as “slowly”, but, in most resources, the primary meaning of this is “gradually”…

btw, does anyone know good individual characters courses (à la Mirko’s)? with audio, if possible (but no shouting, hyterical ones, please - I mean here a certain female voice from Ben’s courses)

Hi Hydroptere,

Nice to hear from you.

I have emailed Mirko (who’s still an active Meminence) to invite him/her to the forum. Hopefully we’ll hear back soon.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Hello Hydroptere,

Yes, I don’t use memrise any more. I developed my own applications for characters and words that fit all my needs better (e.g. quadrilingual Chinese, Spanish, English, German, usable under windows and Android, the word app shows sample sentences too, etc.). Regarding the courses on memrise I have to say that I don’t change anything. But if a reliable member wants to curate my courses I would accept.


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muchas gracias, bedankt, vielen Dank, @Lien! without you, memrise would be a sad landscape. My weekend is starting only now :unamused::persevere:

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good luck with your application, I guess was a better option. (I made my own characters course, unfortunately I am not a dev, so I cannot build a brand new application/software for myself…)

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