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Why are the building sentences questions asking to build ENGLISH sentences instead of Lao ones?
Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask them the other way round?

Every first level prompts with English and tests on Lao. I have no time to study Lao now, but I clearly remember being tested on building Lao sentences in the past (although only on the mobile app).
Every second level prompts with Lao and yes, you have to type in the English answer / build English sentences, to see, if you understood the meaning of the Lao words well.
This is clearly just an introductory course for beginners. My general aim with this course was to help the RECOGNITION of the Lao words/sentences. It would make sense to make a course with the same words and sentences for more advanced learners, but I am afraid, I cannot build that course (the other way round) in the near future. I wish you happy learning!