[Course Forum] Sanskrit devanāgarī (by hrothberht)

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An unexpected side-effect occurred after updating the course :confused:

I replaced the old (low-resolution) images by new (high-resolution) images. But the old ones kept showing up in tests, looking horribly on the app because their resolution was too low. I looked around the forums and it is a known bug. I found it being mentioned that one thing that might fix it is to edit the course, create a new image column in the database, upload the new images there, and then to delete the old image column.

So, that’s what I did, and discovered that now all the learned items have become unlearned, and must be learned again. I am very sorry for this, for people who have already gone through the process of “planting” these hundreds of items :worried:

One thing that could help to soften the blow is this userscript to auto learn items.
(Note: the script is not working at the moment, because of code changes Memrise deployed yesterday. The author of the script is aware of this and is fixing it, so it should be operational again probably within some days.)

I do apologize for the inconvenience. I only wanted to make the course better.


I have been notified that the Memrise auto learn userscript has been updated and I can confirm that it works on this course.

It reduces planting time dramatically.

I’ve updated the first two levels (with technical info on the characters and the workings of devanāgarī) to include links to the following: