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(Pavelserdyuk91) #143

Hi @lu_barbieri42,

Thank you for reporting the error. It has been fixed now. You may need to log out and log in back to see the change.

Thank you,

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(Skinger) #144

I’m not really patient, but since it’s such an obvious mistake, it’s very easy to keep track of. I just had a break of a couple of weeks and came back to another double место преступления. Picked the right one this time, though, yay. I know it’s only been another two and a half months since the last time I brought this up, but any chance you could define “soon”? Getting close to a year now.

Also, the aspect thing, which was also allegedly going to be fixed almost a year ago, seems to be still the same. For obvious reasons I’ve ignored most of the verbs, but I just stumbled on присоединить in Russian 7, I think, where нсв is not accepted. Just saying…

Edit: Now that I’m at it, your powerful – влиятельный pairing really annoys me. Влиятельный is influential, and while it can be interpreted as powerful, there are way more obvious words in Russian for powerful that actually mean powerful.

(Pavelserdyuk91) #145

Dear @skinger, thank you for your patience. We are aware of the bug that has a broader technical issue. Our team is working on it this very moment and it will be fixed soon, this time for real.

Also, thank you for your comment about влиятельный. You are absolutely right and I have changed it in the course.

Could you please tell a bit more about the “aspect thing”.

Thank you

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(Skinger) #146

No need to thank me for the patience I don’t have :slight_smile:

The aspect thing: Well, I find it unlikely that you expect people to only take your official course and learn no other Russian during this time. So it would be reasonable to think that people know the aspectual pairs, and you shouldn’t expect people to memorize which aspect you’ve used for your verbs. For some of them I think both aspects are accepted. For some only imperfect and for some only perfect. I still review these courses, but I have absolutely no chance of remembering which aspect I need to use, so I have taken to ignore every word I get wrong, if it is the correct verb, but different aspect than the one you accept.

In October '16 MashaSh said “Regarding the verbal aspects and short/long adjectives - we’ll make sure alternative answers are accepted for all of them.” But maybe you just changed you mind.

(Pavelserdyuk91) #147

Dear @skinger,

Thanks for bringing it up. We do work on adding the verb alternatives now, so both aspects would be accepted as correct. It may take a little while to implement it in every course. We are aware that you don’t have any patience left so trying our best to make it happen as soon as possible.

Best of luck with your studies, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


(Skinger) #148

Thank you. Sounds really good with the verbs. I hope you’ll let us know when the project has been completed, so that I can take a bunch of things off ignore. And don’t get me wrong. I am fundamentally not a patient person, so it’s not that you have exhausted all the patience I have or something. It was never there. It’s just kind of weird to be complimented on something that has never been a quality of mine :slight_smile:

Thank you for your well-wishes for my studies. I just arrived in Novosibirsk, so Memrise will likely not be at the top of my list of learning resources for some weeks. But then, that just might give you time to fix things before I get back in the game :wink:

Also, I think I decided to ignore the влиятельный - powerful combo last time I saw it, but you said you changed it. Will I see this change when I have already learned the word? Because then I should probably un-ignore it.

(Pavelserdyuk91) #149

You can unignore the влиятельный - powerful combo straight away, you may need to log out and log in again to see the updates. The alternatives for verbs and short adjectives will be built gradually. I’m sure Novosibirsl has lots of wonders in stock for you, so you won’t be missing us these few weeks.

All the best.


(Hombre_sin_nombre) #150

@angileptol @pasha75 , привет! Советую проверить курс русского языка для испаноговорящих, так как в нем присутствуют ошибки. Не сказать, что их очень много, некоторые уроки - ок, но ошибки все равно есть.

Например, у глагола poner в одном из уроков не самое употребительное значение, прилагательное feo переводится не совсем точно, русская фраза Грабеж средь бела дня переведена неправильно (или наоборот - испанская фраза должна быть другая), значение слова papel не подходит по смыслу темы… Есть и другие неточности и ошибки.

Иногда кажется, что перевод делался не напрямую с русского на испанский, а через английский, как и в курсе испанского для русскоговорящих, отсюда странности со словами и фразами.

(Skinger) #151

Cool, thank you. I am in such a good mood now (my host family drinks real coffee!) so I will choose to believe you “this time for real” :wink: Looking forward to the changes, and I hope you will keep us updated here once they’ve been implemented.

(Salome O) #152

Hello Masha, in level 37 of the german russian course russisch7 is a mistake. Чиновник doesn’t mean in any case “offiziell” but “Beamter”. If you could fix that it would be great. Anyway thanks for the splendid course

(Salome O) #153

In level 19 of the german russian course #7 is теоретический spelled wrong ( as теоретически)

Thank you

(Pavelserdyuk91) #154

Hi @Salome.O,

Thank you for spotting the error. It has been corrected now.

All the best,


(Pavelserdyuk91) #155

Hi @Salome.O

Thank you for your comment. теоретически is an adverb and теоретический is an adjective - in German both translate as theoretisch. Hope it answers your question.

Best regards,


(Pavelserdyuk91) #156

Здравствуйте, @El_Exaybachay,

Спасибо за ваши комментарии, мы исправили неточности в испанском переводе.

С уважением, Павел

(Angileptol) #157

Hi @El_Exaybachay,

Thanks for your suggestions. Together with Pasha I have had a look at the items you mentioned and here it’s what we’ve decided:
instead of poner I have changed it to plantear; for feo I have added poco atractivo as another equivalent and for papel I have added función to make it more clear.



(Hombre_sin_nombre) #158

Hola, Ángela. Mucho tiempo sin verte.

Thanks for the corrections. Suppose in this course might be other errors, I just glanced over the lessons.

@pasha75, Павел, спасибо!

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #159

@pasha75, @angileptol, by the way, regarding feo. It would be better to swap Russian страшный for некрасивый. Because cтрашный and his derivatives страшилище, страхолюдина rather belong to colloquial, informal speech.

This meaning for feo (некрасивый) is the most common in the dictionaries. In the Lingvo for instance. Also страшный has several different meanings in Russian.

Павел, подумайте, может быть, имеет смысл поменять русское слово.


(Pavelserdyuk91) #160

Здравствуйте @El_Exaybachay,

Вы совершенно правы. Мы внесем изменения.


(Jrcapp) #161

In the Russian 2 course, 18-Time & Space, there are two errors.

First error - “сейчас двадцать минут восьмого” is stated as “it’s twenty minutes past SEVEN” when it should be “it’s twenty minutes past EIGHT”

Second error - “сейчас шесть минут шестого” is stated as “it’s six minutes past FIVE” when it should be “it’s six minutes past SIX”.

(Skinger) #162

Hey, so those aren’t actually mistakes. The first literally means that it’s 20 minutes of the eighth (hour). So 20 minutes into the eighth would be 20 minutes past seven. The second one means that it’s six minutes of the sixth, so six minutes past five. It’s all good - just takes some time getting used to :slight_smile: