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(Skinger) #123

It’s because нравится is for singular and нравятся is for plural (and they will sound almost the same). Think of it more as “it pleases me” and “they please me,” respectively.

(Hakeem Evrenoglu) #124

I don’t know if this is the place to ask a correction for the Russian for Portuguese speakers course, but I couldn’t find a topic for that.

On Russian 2, unit 12 (indo às compras), “он хочет синие брюки” is translated to “ele quer as calças rosas”. However, “rosa” means pink, so the correct translation is “ele quer as calças azuis”.

FYI, the “literal translation” is correct, mentioning “azul” (blue), not pink. :slight_smile:

(Ignacioruax54) #125

@pasha75 As you can see it says both…

edit Its Russian 1 Level 9

(Pavelserdyuk91) #126

Hi @ignacioruax54,

Please log out and log in again to see the corrected version.

Thank you!

All the best

(Pavelserdyuk91) #127

Hi @HakeemEvrenoglu,

Yes, this is the right place to comment on any issues you find in the Russian course. Thank you for spotting the mistake, it has been corrected now.

Best of luck with Russian!


(Hill1014) #128

I’m new to Memrise (I’ve been taking the Russian course for about a week now,) and I was wondering if there was a way to switch from Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet when it comes to the language the questions and answers are displayed in? Or, failing that, a way to at least display the Latin transliteration of words as well as the Cyrillic spelling.

I’ve gotten to the point where I can recognize the way certain terms look in Cyrillic, but trying to type them out without being able to use the Latin transliteration is starting to give me headaches.

(Please don’t comment just to criticize me for not wanting to use the Cyrillic alphabet. I tried learning Russian on Duolingo for a bit, and when I reached out for help with a similar issue, I received nothing more than harsh criticism.)

(Joe Byerly82) #129

Hey there! New to the app and forums but just had a question about sentence structure fluidity. I chose the words in this order:

Ты очень хорошо говоришь по-английски

but the app told me I was wrong. I’m not anywhere close to an expert or even well-educated in Russian but when I hear native speakers talk, the way I chose the word order just “feels right”, like what I hear when Russian-speaking people talk around me. Is there a way to let the app be a little forgiving on word order specifically for Russian?

(Pavelserdyuk91) #130

Hi, @JoeByerly82,

Thank you for your comment. Could you please tell the course name and the level to help us find the chat.

In general, this is an issue with Russian language, word order is flexible and sometimes there is more than 1 way of saying a phrase (sometimes even 3 or 4). Unfortunately, it’s alway possible to reflect all the options in the tests.

Thank you

Best regards,


(Pavelserdyuk91) #131

Hi @hill1014,

Thank you for your comment. Obviously, Cyrillic alphabet is not easy to grasp at once and it is quite understandable that you would have problems at first. However, many of our customers preferred to learn Russian words in Cyrillic, so we don’t have a transliteration option. I can recommend you Script Missions that will help you to learn Russian spelling pretty fast.

Best of luck with your Russian course and please feel free to share any problems or difficulties you meet.

Best regards,


(Joe Byerly82) #132

Thanks so much for your prompt reply! I figured it would be hard for that exact reason. It was in 7 - Basic Russian.


(Pavelserdyuk91) #133

Hi, @JoeByerly82,

Is it Russian for English speakers course?


(Joe Byerly82) #134

Yes sorry, it is Russian for English speakers.


(Hill1014) #135

Thanks for the reply! In that case, is there a way to turn off the questions that have you type out a sentence? I’m grasping the multiple choice questions pretty well, it’s mainly having to type in Cyrillic that’s tripping me up. I’m not really a fast typist in general, so trying to type in Cyrillic is kinda stressful for me.

(Just a regular user) #136

hi! you could turn off typing questions.
Are you using app or web version.
There’s lots of scripts for web-version

(Hill1014) #137

@Atikker Hi! I use both interchangeably. For the web version, I’m using Chrome on a Mac.

(Farhad Agza42) #138

Wrong Audio being played for ‘opinion’, the app plays ‘how hard can it be?’ and when it is ‘how hard can it be?’ it plays back the audio for ‘opinion’

This is in Russian 5 - Phrases: Make Them Smile

(Pavelserdyuk91) #139

Hi @farhad.agza42,

Thank you for commenting on that. We have corrected the mistake some time ago. Please log out and log in again to get the right version.

Best regards,


(Dvereb) #140

Russian 1 “меня (мне; мной)” has an extra space between “меня” and the open parenthesis. After reading this thread I now know I can type any of the three and be marked correct. For those who don’t know that yet and type it in perfectly (yet with one space), perhaps the extra space should be removed?

меня (мне; мной)
меня  (мне; мной)

(Pavelserdyuk91) #141

Hi, @dvereb,

Thank for spotting that. It has been fixed. Please note, that to see the changes you may need to log out and log in again.

Good luck with your Russian course.

Best regards,

(Lu Barbieri42) #142


Ya videl devushku brat kotoroy zhil … is not

WE SAW a girl… but I SAW a girl