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Russian 1, lvl 15

I think it is wise to get rid of the parentheses and use semicolons instead… or just add a bunch of alternatives because it does not accept any of these нас; нам; нами

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why is there no videos in Russian 4? Is anybody else experiencing that or only me?

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Audio files from Russian 5-5 for “opinion” and “how hard can it be?” are swapped :wink:

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Hey guys,

First of all, thank you very much for creating such valuable high-quality courses.

I am about to finish Russian 2 and I am planning on completing the whole series.

From your experience, what would be the average fluency one can acheive after finishing all the courses (Russian 1 through 7)?

I am also using Duolingo, Pimsleur (1 - 3) and Michel Thomas. Any idea of the level of fluency I can acheive after completing all the above?

Thanks in advance :smile:

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after finishing all 7 official courses your level should be B1, as Lien
told last year.
1-3 => A1; 4-6 => A2

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@Atikker Glad to hear that! Thanks for taking time to reply!

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In your Course Russian 2 (created by Memrise, German<=>Russian) in Lession 18 you translate “без десяти четыре” into “um zehn nach vier”(at ten past four) BUT it is actually “um zehn vor vier”(at ten to four)

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In Russian 1, level 9, in spanish, it translates “мне не нравятся яблоки” as “no me gustan las naranjas” which means “I don’t like oranges”, when it actually says “I don’t like apples” which in spanish is “no me gustan las manzanas”.

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So, the “crime scene - место преступления” just came up for review again. Clearly it was not fixed, as I picked the wrong one of the two identical место преступления. I managed to grab a quick screenshot of it when it came up next (before picking one). Option 3 and option 8 here are identical. And one of them is wrong. Still.

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@MashaSh @Lien
So, it’s been two weeks since I wrote about this problem allegedly fixed in October. I’ve noticed that the imperfect/perfect problem that was fixed around the same time has also not been fixed. This has forced me to continue to ignore verbs in this course, as I simply cannot remember a year after the fact what aspect a given verb was presented with. Here is a new screenshot even more beautifully illustrating the место преступления problem that was solved more than six months ago. I don’t know who else to tag, but it seems like MashaSh’s last post on the forum was in March, and there has been no contributions in this thread since January (save from users with questions), so I don’t know if you even have someone covering Russian anymore.

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In Russian 3 there is an audio test where the word spoken is род and the options to select from for the answer include both род and рот. My understanding was that these are pronounced exactly the same when occurring without a following word. Is there actually a difference in the pronunciation? If not, рот needs to be removed from the false answers to this question. Thanks!

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The videos are still new. They’ve been adding them to various courses bit by bit. They probably haven’t gotten to Russian 4 yet.

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@RobertKnight8a but there are videos in Russian 5, 6 and 7

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Hi. Thank you for spotting the mistake. It has been fixed.

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Hi, thank you for reporting the mistake! It has been fixed now. Enjoy your course.

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Thank you for reporting this bug and thank you for your patience. This has definitely gone to the developers team and will be fixed as soon as possible now. Hope you enjoy your learning otherwise.

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@El_Atu Thank you for your comment. If we are talking about Russian for Spanish 1 level 10, “мне не нравятся яблоки” do say “no me gustan las manzanas” which is correct.

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Hello @pasha75! Nice to see an official Russian specialist here. I’m off to learn some more Russian now. Have a great day!

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Hi Atikker,

Glad to see you here too :slight_smile:

Enjoy your language adventure!

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At Level 11 it says, мне нравится …I like … ; I enjoy … but мне нравятся апельсины I like oranges. The first one spelled with an и, but the second one (and some more) with a я. I don’t know which one is the right one, at one point I had to choose between them and the right one was with я which doesn’t make sense.
мне не нравятся яблоки I don’t like apples
мне не нравится … I don’t like … ; I don’t enjoy
Any idea, help please?