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(Musja15) #41

Hallo Masha,

In Russian 2 Level 1 (for german speakers) does “на здоровье” really means “gern geschehen” (you´re welcome)? Is this the correct translation?

Mistake in Russian 6?
(Lena) #42

yes, “на здоровье” is a correct translation for “you are welcome”. Maybe it is slightly less common these days than “пожалуйста” or “не за что” (“nichts zu danken”), but you still can use it as a polite reply to “спасибо”.

(Musja15) #43

Thank you very much for your fast reply and the explanation! I just knew “пожалуйста” and “не за что” as a polite reply to “спасибо”. I guess your right it is less common these days.

(Danieloc0580) #44

There seems to be a problem with russian level 1. When I click continue learning it takes me back to the first lesson which i have done multiple times. It also doesnt seem to be saving any of my progress. Thanks

(Ionisme) #45

My ios course doesn’t show any memes when am learning new words

(Wolfy27) #46


In the course Russian 1, level 11 there is a sentence: какой у тебя номер телефона? It sounds so strange to me, cannot this be accepted: какой твой номер телефона?

(Lena) #47

“Какой у тебя номер телефона” is a correct phrase, it is used a lot at least where I live. (“Какой твой номер телефона” is OK too).

(Ionisme) #48

Anyone? It’s much easier when you have the mems

(Thejdawinslowce) #49

There is a mistake in Russian 6 in the second level “phrases”. When the screen says сложный people (or at least the kind of hipsterish guy with glasses and the girl with ash blonde hair) say тяжелый. This is in the phrase that says сейчас сложные времена.

(Datsun200 B) #50

Hi, in Russian 4 is the verb ‘смущать’ conjugated correctly in this construction, ‘разговоры об отношениях смущают его’? Shouldn’t it be ‘смущает’?

(Lena) #51

“смущают” is the present 3rd person plural of the verb “смущать” and it is used correctly in this phrase because the noun “разговоры” is in plural too. “Смущает” is the singular form so it would be used with the singular form of the noun, e.g. “Этот разговор смущает его”.

(Masha Sh) #52

Hi Pendrokar, thanks for your comment and sorry for my late reply.

We changed the way we introduce the alphabet. There is no more romanisation in level 1. Please check the new alphabet levels out and let us know your opinion about them.

Regarding the two Russian courses - they are not exactly identical: one of them is designed for British English and the other is in American English. Hope that helps! Best regards, Masha

(Masha Sh) #53

Hi RobertKnight8a, thanks for your comment!

We have an official Russian for American English course: http://www.memrise.com/course/1180537/russian-1/.

Check it out!

Best, Masha

(Masha Sh) #54

Hi Musja15, thank you for your question and sorry for my late reply. @lenagardariki, thank you for your perfect answer, I don’t have anything to add :slight_smile: @Musja15, I hope you are enjoying the course! С Новым годом! Маша

(Robert Knight8a) #55

Thanks for the info, but I don’t want to start all over. Maybe I’ll switch when I get to Russian III.

(Masha Sh) #56

Hi Danieloc0580, thank you for your comment! Can you please try to log out and log in again. If the problem persists, please let me know. Спасибо! С Новым годом! Маша

(Masha Sh) #57

Hi Wolfy27, thanks for your comment. As @lenagardariki has already pointed out, ‘какой у тебя номер телефона?’ is absolutely natural and, I would say, used more than ‘какой твой номер телефона?’ (which is grammatically correct as well). We often use the possessive construction “у меня/у тебя” in Russian. Спасибо! С Новым годом! Маша

(Robert Knight8a) #58

Masha, Is there any way to check which of Memrise’s official courses have American English versions? I noticed the icons for the two English versions of Russian 1 are identical and there is no obvious indicator in the url either. I am learning Spanish, French, and German in addition to Russian, so this would be useful information going forward. Thanks!

(Masha Sh) #60

Hi Ionisme, thank you for your comment. You can still see mems after you make an error, but not on the initial presentation screen. Hope that helps! С Новым годом! Мария

(Masha Sh) #61

Hi Thejdawinslowce, many thanks for your comment! I’ll check and fix the mistake right away. Спасибо! Маша