[Course Forum] Russian 1 - 7 by Memrise


(Smibne) #263

found something to get corrected

Course 7 level 7
Vocabulary: я видел девушку, брат которой жил в нашем доме
German version is writing we and not I. Could this please be equal.
Course 7 level 5
район missing audio version, not sure if any available or just missing

Thank you

(Linh Vu) #264

Hi @smibne,

thanks for flagging these! I’ve changed the German translation of “я видел девушку, брат которой жил в нашем доме” to say “I”. For “район”: I just checked and this item has audio, so please check again (maybe log out and in again) to see if you still have that issue.

Thanks and happy learning!

(Tampora) #265


Hi, on the the course search page for Russian courses for British English Speakers (web version), only 14 courses are showing up.
A similar thing happened with the Japanese courses which has been fixed here [Course Forum] Japanese 1-7 by Memrise

So I thought I better let you know so hopefully it can get fixed as well. :slight_smile:

(Pavelserdyuk91) #266

Hi @tampora. Thank you for heads up. We are looking into the issue.