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(Anya Richmond) #183

I think that this could potentially be confusing.
The only difference between the right answer and the wrong answer is a space between the ellipsis and the comma.
(Russian 5 Lesson 11)

(Bryan Edward Scott78) #184

Hey, long time player first-time poster, but I have just recently progressed into Russian course 4. While playing I encountered an error. Its a video of a woman saying “хочет ли твоя дочь иметь образовние” well that’s what she is supposed to say, but she instead says “хочет ли твоя дочь получить образовние”. both work, just thought you should know. Has anyone else noticed this?

(Pavelserdyuk91) #185

Hi @BryanEdwardScott78
Thanks for spotting it. We’ll take care of it.
Good luck!

(Pavelserdyuk91) #186

Hi @anneerichmond,
Thanks a lot for your comment. Seems like we have the same item in different levels. We’ll look into it.
Best of luck

(Pavelserdyuk91) #187

Hi @anneerichmond,

Thanks for reporting it. It has been fixed now.
Best of luck :slight_smile:

(Pavelserdyuk91) #188

Hi @BryanEdwardScott78
Thanks for spotting it. We have updated the item and ordered new audio.
Good luck :slight_smile:

(Salome O) #189

Hello there, I am referring to the Russisch Course 1 - 7 for German Speakers.

The term “сооружение” is translated as “Struktur”, which probably comes from the English translation. In German the correct translation would be “Bau”, “Gebäude”, “Anlage” or “Installation”.

The Russian termin “Структура” would come closer to “Struktur” or “Aufbau” or “Zusammensetzung”. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out in which of the seven courses the term is to find. I hope you have some tool to spot it more easily.

Anyway, as always: thank you for your work at memrise. It is greatly appreciated.


(Pavelserdyuk91) #190

Hi @Salome.O,

Thank you for your comment. There was indeed a bit of English mediation here. Our German specialist decided on Gebäude as the closest.

Thank you and good luck.

(Florian D Acquisto) #191

Can anyone help me? On lvl 3 there’s наличные = cash but when used with у меня нет it transforms into наличных. I know we need the genetiv case but why is it наличных? I can’t find this ending anywhere! Isn’t the subject neutral? It should have a different ending then.

(The Lighthouse) #192

Hi. It’s the genitive case for most plural adjectives. For example: у меня красивые игрушки (I have beautiful toys) vs. у меня нет красивых игрушек (I don’t have beautiful toys).

I’ve found this website that might help you understand it a little bit better (I am fluent in Russian but it’s not my native language and rules aren’t my thing anyway).

(Florian D Acquisto) #193

Thanks really appreciate your help! :slight_smile: “I don’t have ___ plus adjective?” Could have not imagined that I thought it was a noun.

(Florian D Acquisto) #194

I’ve found a mistake in the Russian course 3 for German users: мне нужно новая шапка translates to I need a new hat. But hat ( in German Hut) is шляпа not шапка which is Mütze in German.

(The Lighthouse) #195

I understand how it could be confusing, it’s a short form of наличные деньги (money), where the first is an adjective and the second a noun. I guess, over time, people just dropped деньги as it was redundant. Anyway, glad I could help :slight_smile:

(Florian D Acquisto) #196

Amazing answer thank you a lot for your help!

(Pavelserdyuk91) #197

Hi @FlorianDAcquisto,
You are absolutely right, this is Mütze :slight_smile: . Thank you so much for reporting it.
Best of luck.

(Florian D Acquisto) #198

Hi! As mentioned previously by other users the german translation of слишком might be missleading. Instead of auch (тоже…?), sehr (очень…?) many would rather translate it with zu viel. This is the Russian 1 course for German natives.

(Pavelserdyuk91) #199

Hi @FlorianDAcquisto,
Thank you for the comment. You are right of course, there has been a mix up with English meaning of ‘too’. We have corrected it now.
All the best

(Steevaavoo) #200

Hi there - I’ve just started Russian 3, but when I choose “Learn New Words” it’s starting me at Level 30 for some reason. I’ve cleared my progress twice and re-downloaded the course, checked I have no progress showing, yet still it starts at level 30. Is this normal?


(Yusuke Saito61) #201

I found some mistakes in the Russian Course 1 & 5 for Japanese speaker.

Russian 1, Level 13
некрасивый いにくい -> 醜い

Russian 5, Level 8
государство 経済 -> 国家
экономика 税金 -> 経済

(Learningisfunexceptifyouredumb) #202

Hey, was there an update pushed through for the keyboard lately?


Certain letters cause a ’ above the previous letter. It makes using the onscreen keyboard more time consuming than it needs to be. Using Chrome.

Just me? Known issue? Any fixes?