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Remembering the Kanji, Volume 1 by mackrell

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I restarted this course and noticed that some of the kanji have changed. For example “Blade” (84) has the “drop” next to the downstroke rather than across. Also “Straightaway” (73) has the konji “sitting” on the bottom horizontal stroke when it should be above the horizontal stroke that also includes a vertical stroke attached to the left end.

Are these updates for these kanji’s?

Hey, the characters in the course haven’t been changed. They’re still showing up just as before on my end.

It sounds like you’re seeing them in their simplified or traditional forms. Perhaps it could be the front on your device? Maybe check it in the smartphone app and the desktop version.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for our reply.

Okay that might be the answer. There was a pause in studying when I
upgraded from Yosemite to Sierra. So changing over to Sierra may have
caused the fonts to change. I’ll look into seeing what fonts I’m using and
what fonts I need to change. Thank you for pointing that out to me. I
believe that’s the problemo. :slight_smile:

By the way, the course is fantastic! It’s custom here where I live to show
thanks and appreciation with a bow… m(_ _)m


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No worries. I’m just a contributor though. :slight_smile:

The Kanji have been slightly modified somehow. It may be no big deal. Just thought I would tell someone. For example, up until a few days ago, #454 look exactly like the book. Now it, and all that use the base kanji, which is “siesta”, between 450 and 451, look like this:

I am using the desktop version, which does not use (I don’t think) the pc’s fonts, does it? (I could be wrong, again.)

Also, I am noticing that the “base” kanji for many words are not included in this course. A good example would be the Siesta kanji/primitive above. I actually find using this course better than the book so often the descriptions go right over my head as I missed seeing the primitive in the course. (Yes, I am lazy) It would be nice to include those words also, just for reference.

At any rate, thanks for the great course.

Hi, there haven’t been any changes made to the course in a while. You might be seeing a different version of the kanji depending on the font in your browser.

Here’s how it looks on my end.

Adding the primitives would be a really good idea for this course. If people would be keen to have them added, I’d be happy work away at it.

Tranquilize is spelled wrong in Level 19 (called “271-285”): It’s spelled “tranquillize” in the course, but it should only have one L. Also, if someone could make dashes optional for answers that would be great. For example, adding “Japanese Judas tree” as an alternative answer for “Japanese Judas-tree”. It’s super frustrating when I get something wrong just because I forgot to add a dash.


Any chance to have the kanji readings ?



does anyone know why the meaning for the kanji 499 is explanation instead of rumor?

Thanks in advance.

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I notices the same thing and it’s frustrating me!

Did you ever end up getting an answer to this?


the meaning changed from rumor to explanation in the 6th release of RTK.


As you see above the author took the meaning from the newest edition instead of the old one.
I switched to Anki and now use RTK 6th Ed.

Are some of the alternative definitions etc just direct from the RTK book (day rather than sun, for instance. Or ‘nightbreak’ rather than dawn)?

Hello, do you think you could add 1 as an alternative translation of 一 and 2 as an alternative translation of 二 and … I think you get the idea.