[Course Forum] Reduced Duolingo by Jan-ErikJ

This course consists of words from Duolingo’s Italian for English speakers course, but with the words already included in the official Italian 1-7 removed. This leaves us with 783 words.

The course has audio, primarily from various TTS.

This is the place to report errors, request better translations, sound files etc.

@t-hero As I have created a thread for the course I will reply to your question here.

I’ve not been reviewing the Duolingo words in the right order here on Mermrise. At the moment I’m in Italian 4, halfway through this course and will finish the Duolingo tree any day now. I plan of doing a lot of strengthening on Duolingo now and expect to be able to focus on grammar and word order more as most of the words will be pretty familiar by now.

Thank you for creating this course. I think is a valuable addition to the Memrise courses, especially if you did the Duolingo course before. Your course has a neat look and feel and you chose the words well. Thank you!

I think the seventh word in level 47 should be “il pianeta” (not “la pianeta”).

The planet is musculine. The feminine word “la pianeta” exists, but means a special kind of liturgic gown [https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pianeta_(liturgia)]

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Thank you for the feedback! It has been fixed. It may take a while for the change to appear. Especially in the app.