[Course Forum] RAA Discussion by ConnorTheStarWarsNerd

back to my course: http://www.memrise.com/course/1254582/raa-discussion/


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Ok i will do that.

hello Connor

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the “course” is empty. Is this a “chat room” (or how is that called) in fact?

Hi Lightningtreesavor!

Yes this intended to be a chat room for me and my classmates.

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Hell how is it going? Click here to visit my website.

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Hi Lightning Tree Savor! do you have discord or would you like to chat on some other website, because I rarely go on Memrise anymore

Hello Connor. I would like to. You can join. I have a chat form that I made. Your username is Connor_EEC and your password is BringBackEmeraldEnderCereal!!