[Course Forum] Quranic lemmas by frequency by Mountainman


I would like to contribute to the following course:

As you mentioned, it is a work-in-progress and many words remain to be added. I would like to add the remaining words.

I also suggest that we do not limit the course to words with a frequency of at least 7 but rather include ALL words, i.e. with a frequency of at least 1. That would make it 3680 words which I believe is entirely manageable to memorize.

Given that mountainman’s name did not change in formatting like it’s supposed to when I addressed him with the “@” symbol, I think he is not registered in the forums. Could someone correct me if I am wrong?

If I am right and he is not around, who do I request to add me as a contributor?

Well it’s better to see if there are other contributors that are active on the course.
However, if you want to be added to a cocourse, then I believe @Lien can help with that.

@RyouBakura, how do I find out who the other contributors, if any, are? Thanks.

Ah. Then you’re going to need to talk to one of the staff either way.

Mountainman is still active on Memrise but has yet to register for the Community Forum here.
I have sent them an email to invite them to the conversation, hopefully we’ll hear back soon.
If not, please remind me in a week or so. We can then look into an alternative solution.

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@Lien, thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

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