[Course Forum] Practical Audio Visual Chinese 1/2/3/4/5/... by Oli2904

This is a forum for all the courses I created using the PAVC books.
All of the courses are constructed in the same way:

  1. The word in Traditional Chinese (alternatives are shown separated by “;”).
    ex. 臺灣;台灣 (either way is correct)
  2. The part of speech + definition of the word in English
    ex. [N]: Taiwan (noun)
  3. The Pinyin pronunciation with tone marks
    ex. táiwān
  4. An audio file
    ex. Both 臺灣 and 台灣 sound the same, so there’s only 1 audio file
  5. Comments (to avoid some confusion)
    ex. A comment might be that 臺灣 is usually the official form
  6. The pinyin pronunciation with numbered tones (when using Input Method Editors)
    ex. tai2 wan1

Links to the courses:
Book 1: http://www.memrise.com/course/426446/pavc-1-practical-audio-visual-chinese-vol-1/
Book 2: http://www.memrise.com/course/428654/pavc-2-practical-audio-visual-chinese-vol-2/
Book 3: http://www.memrise.com/course/459438/pavc-3-practical-audio-visual-chinese-vol-3/
Book 4: http://www.memrise.com/course/485493/pavc-4-practical-audio-visual-chinese-vol-4/
Book 5: http://www.memrise.com/course/626186/pavc-5-practical-audio-visual-chinese-vol-5/
Classifiers: http://www.memrise.com/course/448453/pavc-c-practical-audio-visual-chinese/
Supplementary: http://www.memrise.com/course/470362/pavc-supplementary-vocabulary/

Feel free to comment with questions/suggestions and don’t shy away from pointing out mistakes.

The sound files for 背包 and in PAVC4 needs updating. Currently the 背 uses bei4 instead of bei1 which changes the meaning of the character. The sound for 族 also sounds a bit weird. If the Google voice synthesizer doesn’t give the right tones then you could try Forvo to find native speaker recordings instead. I’ve used this with some of the PAVC3 edits when the sound file isn’t a good match.

@Lien Can you help me again by giving me edit permissions to this course https://www.memrise.com/course/485493/pavc-4-practical-audio-visual-chinese-vol-4/

Thanks for making these. Awesome format and with audio too!

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