[Course Forum] Portuguese (European) 1 to 7 by Memrise

Hi @g-a-r-y,

Yes, in fact this is a non-official course, so the only option would be looking for help with the course creators.

@Thomas.Heiss thanks a lot for your prompt answer!



I’ve noticed an issue with one task in the Learn with Locals exercise for Portuguese (Portugal) 5 level 19 Terrestrial Weather (on the Android app). The speaker in the video says “não tem possibilidades” which is not an option to tap; the accepted answer is “quando é a próxima eleição?”.

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Hi @brandtharen38.

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This is strange, but I searched for this video in “Quando é a próxima eleição” and couldn’t find it (actually, I didn’t find it in any of these three possible answers.)

Once you see this problem again, can you please check if there is a fourth option (scrolling down the screen) and send us another screenshot? (Also let us know in case the problem is already solved by then.)

When a similar issue occurs, it’s generally caused to a wrong link between the string and the video, which could be easily fixed. However, at this time I can’t find the video in the (wrong) “right answer” mentioned by you.

I’ll wait for further info, so we can look into it.

Thanks! =)


Hi @IgCostaBR, thank you for looking into this. I have now completed this course level and have not had this video show up since I posted earlier despite many video exercises. It must be resolved since prior to my original post I had received the video several times.

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Hi @brandtharen38.

Perfect. Thanks for letting me know.

Enjoy our courses! =)



This seems to be a fairly active thread so I’m hoping someone can help.

Im trying to create a new course to help me study for one of my European Portuguese courses. I added a ton of words to two different levels but it keeps acting as if I have only put in 10 words to the level vs the 30+ that I’ve entered in twice now.

When I go in to edit the levels it shows all of the words Ive entered in. But I cant get them to actually show up in the course itself, only when I’m in edit mode.

I tried deleting the second level and just entering them all in the first level but ran into the same exact issue, only seeing all of the words in edit mode.

Im not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s some kind of glitch but any tips would be much appreciated. I’ve been at it for over an hour now, it’s midnight and I’m out of ideas on how to fix this problem lol

Thanks in advance!

Here are some mistakes that I’ve found in the European Portuguese course. Do you think you can fix these?

5 Level 15 - … mas já não vivemos: This seems like it should be combined with the previous card “costumávamos viver no estrangeiro.” I.e., it was incorrectly split up into two cards. The vivemos by itself doesn’t make sense.

5 Level 20 - ou alguém mais = or else: Shouldn’t this be translated as “or someone else?”

6 Level 3 - são as minhas calças? = are these my underwear: I’ve been told by a portuguese person that calças never means underwear in Portugal at least. Calças means “pants.” Maybe it’s supposed to be cuecas?

6 Level 3 - estas calças são minhas = these underwear are mine: See above, calças means pants.

6 level 22 - seria = I would (permanently): Shouldn’t this be “I would be” ?

6 Level 22 - iria = I would (temporarily): Shouldn’t this be estaria? I think iria means “I would go”


Hi @andsoshelovedtheworl,

I’m sorry we missed to pick up on this report of yours.
Is this still a problem to you? In the coming weeks, Decks website will be LIVE for you to try. Could you retry the action again on Decks website when the site is ready? Your data should be synced on Decks as well.


Hi @roarkuf.

Sorry for my delayed answer.

I’ll take a look at your suggestions on the following days, ok?

Thank you and keep learning! =)

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Hi @roarkuf :wave:
Hi @IgCostaBR :wave:

We looked into this over the last couple of weeks and just released the update.
We had to remove some of the items that were too random or not accurate, and we’ve updated the translations for the other ones (namely: “calças”).

Ignacio, you should be fine as well for now.

Thanks every one!

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Hi @KanaTsumoto,

I really appreciate it!
Let me know in case I can help with anything else.



Hi, I just got the word “pulôver” which is translated as “jumper” but a Google image search makes me think it’s a kind of sweater, not a dress. Could this be fixed?