[Course Forum] Portuguese (European) 1 to 7 by Memrise


(Ignacio) #143

Hi @g-a-r-y,

Yes, in fact this is a non-official course, so the only option would be looking for help with the course creators.

@Thomas.Heiss thanks a lot for your prompt answer!



(Brandtharen38) #144

I’ve noticed an issue with one task in the Learn with Locals exercise for Portuguese (Portugal) 5 level 19 Terrestrial Weather (on the Android app). The speaker in the video says “não tem possibilidades” which is not an option to tap; the accepted answer is “quando é a próxima eleição?”.

(Ignacio) #145

Hi @brandtharen38.

Thanks for your message.

This is strange, but I searched for this video in “Quando é a próxima eleição” and couldn’t find it (actually, I didn’t find it in any of these three possible answers.)

Once you see this problem again, can you please check if there is a fourth option (scrolling down the screen) and send us another screenshot? (Also let us know in case the problem is already solved by then.)

When a similar issue occurs, it’s generally caused to a wrong link between the string and the video, which could be easily fixed. However, at this time I can’t find the video in the (wrong) “right answer” mentioned by you.

I’ll wait for further info, so we can look into it.

Thanks! =)