[Course Forum] Portuguese (European) 1 to 7 by Memrise

Have just started the newish Portuguese (European) 1 by Memrise.

Can we have the accented letters on the text entry screens please?

If we are going to learn the spelling of words it is good educational practice to learn it correctly right at the start, and not all key boards have them. Accents also help make sense of pronounciation.


Sure, good point! I have asked my colleague Lim, who’s in charge of the official courses’ database settings. He will take care of it asap.

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Thanks for that.
It will be a good idea to add the accent keyboard to all the other
Portuguese units if possible.


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I’ve requested for it to be added to all our official courses that use accented characters, such as French, Spanish, Portuguese and so on.

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I am learning the memrise portuguese european 2 and notice that at level 7 esse is listed as being this (relatively close) but I understand that esse is actually that (relatively close)

May I request that this is amended and at any other points where the word occures in these courses

Other than that so far I am finding this group of courses excelent especially the fact that it is fully supported with audio as I have very little opportunity to hear the language spoken

Keep up the good work

there is a specific forum for the “official” courses for Portuguese European, if you speak about these: [Course Forum] Portuguese (European) 1 to 7 by Memrise

would you have the kindness to delete this and post your comment there?

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I would be happy to list this comment as you suggest but have found this part of the memrise site very hard to negotiate hopefully it will be picked up and corrected by who ever has the means to do so

All the best

Happy to be of service! :wink:

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you’re absolutely right, the memrise team should AT LEAST, the least, put the links for the fora in the course descriptions. As we - other course creators, dutifully did …

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@honeyvalley - you are right. This happens a lot in the Brazilian Portuguese courses, too. Este = this (masculine); esta = this (feminine); esse = that (masculine); essa = that (feminine). I have a course that covers all of these perfectly, but it is no longer public. If you want to see it, pm me and I will give you the link to the course. Or, you could just visit this link: http://streetsmartbrazil.com/difference-between-este-and-esse-portuguese/


It may have been your course that I have done before which is why I questioned it in this one

Thank you for creating yours very informative

@honeyvalley and all, thanks a lot for your messages.

After some research, we concluded that “that” would, in fact, work better for a “relatively close” pronoun instead of “this” (meaning “esse” in Portuguese).

I’ve just changed all the occurrences both in Brazilian and European Portuguese.

In order for you to see these changes, please log-out and log-in again in Memrise’s app. That should not impact your daily streak and all new changes will then be effective.

Do let me know in case you have any questions.

Kind regards,


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Much appreciate the course will continue the vocals a great help


Is there ETA on audio-video feature (meet the natives) for this course? Or any place we can check for progress on those?

Hey Kwarkje,

Thanks for your message!

I’m happy to tell you that those videos were uploaded right today!

So you should be already able to learn European Portuguese with the natives.

We hope you enjoy the course and, as always, do let me know if you have any questions!

Kind regards,



You can’t imagine how happy this made me…
Month ago I’ve returned home after spending one year in Portugal and seeing /hearing those people made me cry.


Pouguese 1 (EU) meet the natives… she says “obrigada” but it won’t accept “thank you (said by woman)” as a correct answer, but it says the correct answer is “thank you (said by man)”.

@IgCostaBR :slight_smile:


Hi @ramajana,

First of all, many thanks for your message!

You’re right. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with this video, since it was linked to “obrigado” instead of “obrigada” during the course upload process.

I already contacted our tech team to take a look at that, since it’s not possible to edit videos online, as we do with audio or the written lines.

Therefore, we kindly ask for your patience on it, and we’ll make sure to leave a note here once this is solved.

Thanks again and I hope you keep enjoying the courses!




Thank you.

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Since new update, yesterday, I can not access Meet the Natives in Portuguese (EU). When I click on it it says:

@Lien ? Anyone else with this problem?