[Course Forum] Portuguese-Br - Beginner - Part 2 by panglossa

Dear @panglossa,

there is a small mistake in the second level: for _Sim, você tem o meu número de telefone. _ you say in fact numeroS - numbers

many thanks for your work, I find your course very useful

dear @Lien, I suspect that panglossa more or less left Memrise. Could you check via e-mail? I hope you are now in fact enjoying the warm evening sun, and that life in London is as beautiful as always. Many thanks!

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Hi Hydroptere,

I pinged Panglossa an email, let’s hope she/he can join us here soon.

London is lush indeed, sunny regards! :sunny:


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Hello, I am here. I haven’t had a decent internet connection for some time, but now I’m back in the grid.

Hello Hydroptere, thanks for using my course!
I have checked the sentence you indicated, but it is not really wrong. What happens is that the preposition “de”, which is pronounced /dʒɨ/, may, in connected speech, be reduced to a non-syllabic /dʒɨ̯/, or even further reduced to a simple /dʒ/ or /ʒ/ - especially when it comes after two unstressed syllables, like in the previous word “número”.
In some areas (e.g. Rio de Janeiro), the plural ending -s can be pronounced as /ʒ/; but in my area (or rather in my state) this never happens.
I will be revising this course soon, if you have any suggestions or more corrections, please let me know!
Obrigado :slightly_smiling_face:

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obrigada, farei assim