[Course Forum] Poliglot-petrov-italianskii by Cupreyen

There is an error in tle level 3: “Io volgio ascoltare” instead of “Io voglio ascoltare”

Next time please post a link to the course. I’m assuming it’s this one:
Sadly, cupreyen is not active on this site.

I’ll tag @Lien to see if she can email the creator. (Apologies for always tagging you… :sweat_smile: )

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Hi @RyouBakura,

No worries, I love being tagged :blush:

I’ve just contacted Cupreyen, hopefully he/he can join us here soon.
If it stays quiet, please remind me in a week so I can chase it up.

Best wishes,


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Hey @Lien, just reminding you as you said. :smile:
Looks like @Cupreyen isn’t coming. :pensive:

Well remembered, thank you!

I have corrected the error.

Would anyone here like to become a contributor to this course? If so, let me know and I’ll add you :sunny: