[Course Forum] (Official:) Biblical Hebrew: 2000 Words by SeñorDustin (Vocabulary with Audio)

It is complete, finally! I completed a Biblical Hebrew course with Modern Hebrew audio. Though the Niqqud is used, it also accepts answers without them.

What’s included? Every word appearing 10+ times, as well as 97 of the most common Proper Nouns.

Here’s the link: This course is moving (see course descr… - by SeñorDustin - Memrise

Please post any corrections/suggestions on this post. תודה רבה!


Please see my updated course Biblical Hebrew: 2000 Words - by SeñorDustin - Memrise


Hola Señor,

40 words in and so far I really like what you’ve done. Found this on DuoLing and glad I did as generally I’m more interested in Biblical Hebrew.

I noticed in level 2 that there is a Qal/Pa’al form of the verb דבר, is this correct? It seems like the Pi’el form is the most common. In fact I didn’t even think there was a Pa’al form of this verb.

So far this is all I’ve noticed, seems you’ve done a very good job. Thanks for all the hard work.

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So, I double check my vocabulary books and made a note about the Qal pattern. It does exist, but it’s very rare.

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צָוָה Level 3. You write that this is PIEL, and it must be PIEL. But according to vowels and reading it is PAAL. Does PAAL exist from this root?

So, thank you for emailing me. The three root letters are usually give in the PA’AL form, but their most common usage is given first. I also have the other common usages in the introduction, but the new BETA version of Memrise doesn’t show them as alternatives. I will try to add ALL used verb forms in the main definition, but it may take me a few weeks to finish them all.

Shalom, dear colleague.
Please pay attention to these words in the 2nd level. It seems to me that there are typos here.

Thanks for catching those. I fixed them.

For some odd reason, the title of your course changed to “See Course Description” and now whenever I learn words, it doesn’t have progress and it resets every single day. Did I miss something? I like your course because you use the standard Sephardic pronunciation, and it sounds much more practical than learning from other courses which use American sounds to pronounce Hebrew. Is there a fix to this issue or has your course been discontinued?


Thanks for getting to me. I am slowly moving all of my course over to a new one that uses an image of the text instead of the text itself. The reason for doing so is that some of the niqqud symbols don’t show up on the latest version of Memrise’s platform. Therefore, I am starting a new course (for which there is a link of sorts in the course description). Every word I move over to the new course, I delete on the old one. I am just under 200 words in, and I plan to add 10 words daily for the next ~180 days. So, if you are just beginning work on the old course currently titled “See Course Description!”, please go to the other one called “Biblical Hebrew: 2000 Words” and your progress will never be deleted as I will only be adding words to this course.

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Oh, thank you for reaching back out. I’ll look for the other course! Appreciate the help!

Here’s that course link:

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Hi @SenorDustin,

What an amazing task you have taken on.

I hope you don’t mind my suggestion of the revised title to match the Forum’s standard format.

Also technically this thread should not be closed (solved) because anyone might still want to ask a question here.

Finally congratulations on adding images - this is something I’ve had to do with » one of my courses «, BUT what I did was simpler (for me), I added a column and called it image and then added the images one by one.
So there was no need for another course and for people to loose their points.

Anyway just a thought.

Hi DW7,

I’m not just creating a new course so that I can add images. There are certain niqqud that get placed in the wrong spot when typed in the new system and some that don’t show up anymore. Alternate versions don’t appear correctly either.

Concerning the images I added images of Hebrew text to BE the Hebrew that you have to click on. The reason for this is that if Memrise’s system has a hiccup again in the future, it won’t affect the text again because it’s an image already that is unalterable.

Thanks for changing the title, as I suppose that it will be quite useful. Also, I will deselect the “resolved” button for future members.

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Sometimes a new course is the only way to eliminate many uncorrected dummy (alternative) answers (which we have called “Phantom” entries), which are very hard to eliminate.

I approve of what you have done in keeping the old course and signposting to the new one.

Just in case you don’t know, the App does not show the full course description.
You’ll have to put a redirecting note in the short course description too.

But changing the title on the old course is a really good idea.

I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve put a link to your new course in your first post.
(You may wish to change how you refer to it.)