[Course Forum] OCR AS Latin Vocab. W/ Principle Parts by PIPPUS MAXIMUS

These courses includes all words on the Latin OCR AS Vocabulary List with all their principle parts. There is a course for learning in both directions depending on how you want to learn.

The Forum for the two courses both English-Latin and Latin-English. If you have a comment specifically on one of the two then please say which way.

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Thanks very much for making these lists for the new, reformed lists!

I think there is a slight mistake in the infinitive principle part of "vereor."
Shouldn’t it be “vereri” rather than “vererri”?

Thanks again.

Forgot to mention this is for the English to Latin list.

Hi Shiv,

Im glad you’re finding the course useful. I have corrected the mistake; thanks for pointing it out and let me know if you find more.