[Course Forum] "Nouveau Testament en français courant" by ruth-mac


I am creating this course and thought I should create this topic in case anyone wants to suggest changes to the course.

I am slowly adding to the list of words in the course but am going to make it public in case it is useful for anyone in the meantime. This means that there will be ongoing additions to the word list and possible amendments to the words already there so if you download it to use offline then it will be worth checking for updates from time to time.

It is set as non-typing as I only want to learn to recognise the words when I read them but if you want it set to require typing for a short while I can do that to allow you to learn like that if you prefer.

(The course is here if anyone is keen to find it: http://www.memrise.com/course/1210931/nouveau-testament-en-francais-courant/)


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