[Course Forum] Norwegian 1-7 by Memrise

(Lien) #41

Hi @ryanlearnsnorwegian and @amanda-norrsken,

Apologies for the severe delay.

This error has now been rectified.

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(Lewismontague) #42

Hi there,

Seems to be a problem with Norwegian 3-26


Audio says “å lage en avtale”
And text read “å gjøre en avtale”

(Overlord Hydroptère) #44

it seems there is no Norwegian specialist left in the team?

anyhow, for “tidspunkt” Cambridge says “the out of the day” /(2nd course). I find it rather confusing to have_time = tid_, and then _a time = et tidspunkt". If the course would have a German variant… soo easy (tidspunkt = Uhrzeit)

(Andreas Wærholm19) #45

Tidspunkt = time (of day)
Klokkeslett = time (of day)

The latter is more specific, and refers to what time the clock shows.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #46

thanks, @AndreasWaerholm19

another question :slight_smile:, please
in Norwegian 2, Clothes, one finds støvler as “wellies”. If I am not wrong, in Danish støvler are boots/Stiefel. A NO-DE dictionary has støvel also as boots (https://www.dinordbok.no/en/norwegian-german/?q=støvel)…


(Andreas Wærholm19) #47

Well, I didn’t actually know what “wellies” was, so I did a quick image search, and it seem to be correct. But it can also be used about boots, although the younger generation would probably just say “boots” then. But often when people say “støvler” or “slagstøvler”, they are referring to the former.