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Hi @ryanlearnsnorwegian and @amanda-norrsken,

Apologies for the severe delay.

This error has now been rectified.

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Hi there,

Seems to be a problem with Norwegian 3-26


Audio says “å lage en avtale”
And text read “å gjøre en avtale”

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it seems there is no Norwegian specialist left in the team?

anyhow, for “tidspunkt” Cambridge says “the out of the day” /(2nd course). I find it rather confusing to have_time = tid_, and then _a time = et tidspunkt". If the course would have a German variant… soo easy (tidspunkt = Uhrzeit)

Tidspunkt = time (of day)
Klokkeslett = time (of day)

The latter is more specific, and refers to what time the clock shows.

thanks, @AndreasWaerholm19

another question :slight_smile:, please
in Norwegian 2, Clothes, one finds støvler as “wellies”. If I am not wrong, in Danish støvler are boots/Stiefel. A NO-DE dictionary has støvel also as boots (https://www.dinordbok.no/en/norwegian-german/?q=støvel)…


Well, I didn’t actually know what “wellies” was, so I did a quick image search, and it seem to be correct. But it can also be used about boots, although the younger generation would probably just say “boots” then. But often when people say “støvler” or “slagstøvler”, they are referring to the former.

danke (wellies = wellingtons, rubber boots)

however, nobody seems to take care of this course… only level 13 in NO 2 has for vegetarian 3 alternatives: en vegetErianer - a vegetarian; vegetar - vegetarian; jeg er vegetArianer - I’m vegetarian

so much so good for the quality … i am not sure if I should go on taking NO 3-7

Number 3 has the correct spelling. Official Memrise courses often lack quality. User created ones sometimes are much better. I know, because I used to learn Korean here.


You can try this course. It is based off a textbook that’s used for teaching Norwegian as a second language.

ok, thanks, it has audio, the point is I am reaching intermediate in fact (having a norsk speaker around helps, or annoys, it depends :smirk: ) and need audio… thanks again

itrm "det er på denne gaten " in NO 3 has no valid audio

also, the staff voice for entry “kan du snakke saktere, vær så snill?” is saying in fact “kan du snakke saktere, er du snill?”

mange takk

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In Norwegian 3 you have “Storbritannia” with the translation as “The United Kingdom”. I believe the correct translation should be “Great Britain” which along with Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom… but isn’t the UK on it’s own.

Maybe I’m being too anal?


No, you’re not being anal :slight_smile:

Great Britain is “Storbritannien” in Swedish, which is almost the same as the Norwegian word. There is a translation for the term, ‘United Kingdom’, too, which is “Förenade Kungariket”, but I have never seen it used in newspapers, only 'Storbritannien".


Is there anyone on the memrise team who can correct this? Do you have anyone on the team right now for Norwegian and/or Swedish?

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