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This is the new place to post your thoughts on the (No Typing) Essential Cantonese Vocabulary (Audio) course. Please note that all the submissions (course errors and general comments) to the previous forum have been lost. Please post any that you recall or find here as a reply.

@ElevationPath, the course forums have been phased out in preference to this forum, I have taken the liberty of creating this [Course Forum] topic on your behalf.

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Here are a few corrections:

In levels 3 & 4 (General Conversation)

  • 我想睇完戲之後買嘢 should translate to ‘After watching the movie I want to go shopping’ instead of ‘I’ll watch a movie after going shopping

In levels 11 & 12 (Directions & Places)

  • The 係 (hai6) of 你可唔可以指我睇係地圖邊度?and 係角落頭 should be 喺 (hai2) as it indicates location

  • 果 (gwo2) 度 should be 嗰 (go2) 度

In levels 14 & 15 (Transportation)

  • The 係 of 最近嘅地鐵係邊度, 最近嘅火車站係邊度 and 我想係⋯度落 should be 喺

I will post more if I find them.


Thanks, timchan0! I haven’t got to levels 11 and above yet, but I definitely agree with ‘After watching the movie…’ one! I’ll keep an eye out as I work through this course myself - I hope they’re fixed soon!

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Hi @ElevationPath and all others :slight_smile: ,

I think I found something that needs to be corrected:
Level 9 (Time & Date)

  • The audio says: 下個月 haa6 go3 jyut6
  • But the characters say: 下星期

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The sound for traveller’s cheques and debit card are both leoi jau zi piu

The sound for 貴 is ga cin