[Course Forum] (No typing) Beginner Russian by @ ginghisklown

the course is full with tiny and not so tiny mistakes

nit писатель for (male) writer, but писа́тель; ex. называться - this is not “to call oneself”, but to be called, be named;. несколько - a few, several etc; not писать but писа́ть, etc

etc. My (in the youth days blind) trust in the Cambirdge publishing house starts to vanish

I am not a linguist but I am a native speaker of Russian so I’ll try to put my 5 cents in…

nit писатель for (male) writer, but писа́тель;

not писать but писа́ть

These accented letters are not diacritics but hints where to put the stress/emphasis in the word. Accented letters for Russian are used only in dictionaries and in some books for children. Normally we write писатель not писа́тель, same with писать not писа́ть.

Hello Angharad.Merfin,

I (finally!) corrected the mistakes you indicated. The thing is - when I created the course, there was still a forum attached to each course. That disappeared at some point, and there was no easy possibility to get in contact with the course creators and point out the points to correct.

Thanks for your help. If anyone sees some stuff that needs correcting in one of those courses, I’d be happy to make him admin so that he can do it.