[Course Forum] New Esperanto Course: learning and using the international language by pribis

The course is based on the book “Esperanto: Learning and using the international language” by David Richardson.

I’ve almost finished importing all the word lists from this book. Right now there are over 1,000 words broken up by chapters and reading exercises.

Feel free to message me with any errors you might find (there’ve been a few discovered already) and I’ll try and get them fixed ASAP)…

I created this a while ago, but I keep seeing courses based on the same material popping up and thought I’d at least give word in hopes of saving people the trouble (I did see an original one when I first started memrise, but it only had one word list - if I remember correctly - and never updated).



in lesson 8, “verspermanĝo” should be “vespermanĝo”, shouldn’t it? Note the extra “r”, v-e-r-s-p…

In other news, I’m enjoying the course. Thanks!


Lesson 10, word “inspektisto” has transposed “pe”, and is written as “insepkisto”.

Lesson 10, should “Johana” be “Johano”?


20201107: Lesson 10, fixed dogano, ĉielo, inspektisto, and Johano.

May I be made a contributor to this course?

Addendum: There are only a couple of small issues I’ve found so far. If you can fix them, I don’t need to be a contributor. :slight_smile:

Addendum #2: I am now a contributor to this course, and I get the privilege of helping others learn. If you find issues or have questions, please let me know.

Thank you.