[Course Forum] New Czech Step by Step



Sure, although I’m not quite sure what it entails or how to apply.

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Just fixing typos when you see them. I’ve added you. You have an ‘edit course’ button on this course now.


Cool, thx.


I changed the translation for ‘animals’ from zviřata to zvířata (which it should be according to wiktionary: https://cs.wiktionary.org/wiki/zvíře ) but someone reversed the change??

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Hi There - I’m not sure who changed it (we don’t have tracking), but your version is correct.


Ok, thanks. I’ve changed it back to zvířata. If it gets overwritten again I’ll just set it to ignore :slight_smile:

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Hi! Nice course.
In Level 23, there are several conjugations of běžet, all listing it as perfective (and thus using “future” translations). However, it is classified as imperfective (by the Leda Velký Slovník and Lingea)

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In the bonus level 68 for akuzativ, there is a “jeho”, but I don’t think that is correct?

Thanks for the course:)