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Hi All!

If you have questions / comments / recommendations for the New Czech Step by Step course, please post here!



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Dear all,

I just started the Czech course, but I found out that there isn’t any sound on this course.
If I update to pro version, will I get the sound?


Hi David,

Can you please check the course through the Memrise website if you were on a mobile device or vice versa?

This course includes audio. No pro membership is required.

Please contact support if you continue to have issues and they should be able to help you troubleshoot.


I been experiencing a problem with the browser based version of this course on certain questions.

Questions like “(jdu) na poštu (akuzativ) - (I go) to a post office (accusative)” which require you to type the expression in Czech, appear to require you type the whole expression before it will allow you to move on.

For example, the course requests you type the response to :
(I go) to a post office (accusative)

I type :

jdu na poštu

The system recognises this as incorrect and prompts me with the correct response it’s expecting :

(jdu) na poštu (akuzativ)

… and prompts me to type the correct response. I type it exactly as I did before, and it does not allow me to move on. I have discovered that I need to type the “(akuzativ)” statement too. As this is a linguistic directive regarding the case of the whole statement, I wouldn’t have thought it necessary to type it as a response, and for it to merely represent the directive that it is for the user to understand.

Would you be able to confirm that this is expected behaviour for those types of questions on the course?




Hi There,

The best way to respond to these is to input “na poštu”. Jdu in the front
is to let you know how it can be used in a sentence and Accusative is after
because “na” can be used in Accusative as well as other declinations.

Let me know if this helps.


Hi Billy

This is an excellent course and than you for making it.


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Thank you! Very glad you’re enjoying it. :slight_smile:

Hey Billy.

In my opinion this is the best Czech course on Memrise atm. It’s certainly the best one I’ve tried. It’s organized into a wide range of subjects and it’s got everything from simple words to phrases and grammar. It’s everything I could ask for : )

Thanks a lot!

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I just wrote ‘jdu’ and the system says it is correct. I wish it would consider it ‘correct’ just by typing the whole sentence.

Great course, I particularly like the fact that there are very few ambiguities in the questions thanks to the additional information provided (one exception being light/lehký, which could also mean světlý).

One remark: in L16, I believe the word for child should be dítě instead of ditě.

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Yup, should be “dítě”.

Hi All,

ditě has been changed to dítě (long i). Thanks for that catch!

@kudos5 - Thank you for the kind comments.

@Soolrak - You’re correct, and the system typically does automatically accept it. The reason it doesn’t in this case is because of the parentheses that we’re using in parts of this course to note things like conjugation, perfective vs. imperfective, etc. The other ‘columns’ in the table that can be used to store this information do not show properly on mobile devices. As such, I think it makes sense to leave it as is for now.

Thanks for using the course! hodně štěstí!


Thanks for the quick response.

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I think I found another one in Level 22: it says odpočivat instead of odpočívat

By the way, any plans for a course based on Czech Step by Step 2?

Hey there - Got it. I’ve fixed odpočívat and conjugations throughout the course.

The Czech step by step 2 book is structured differently than the first, as I’m sure you know. Since it doesn’t have a wordlist (that I’ve seen) at the end of each chapter, I didn’t see a good way to create a chapter by chapter course.

I’d be happy to develop it with some helping hands if others have a chapter by chapter wordlist.



I’ve found some word lists by chapter online:
http://cokdybysme.net/pdfs/ (look for the krok* files)
eg: http://cokdybysme.net/pdfs/krok2lekce1slova.pdf

Another good course I haven’t seen on here (and which has wordlists) is ‘Do you want to speak Czech’.

By the way, these are just suggestions, not demands - I know creating these courses takes loads of time…

In level 32, I believe it says čišník instead of číšník.

Nice catch! Fixed.

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Just wanted to point out a typo in level 37: it says cabinent i.o. cabinet

Nice catch, again. Fixed!

Do you want to become a contributor? :slight_smile: