[Course forum] Musculoskeletal Neuroanatomy by Tanoshii

I would like to thank the course creator @Tanoshii for this interesting course, I was going to start a similar one, then I found this one. I think it is well done, but needs some modifications.

The course creator left a note in his/her course: Note: When watering this course each level will likely have to be done individually due to confusion of the various categories and their answers. If you have a solution to this please post in the forum =)

I don’t know if you are active here or not (I can’t tag you), but if you read me, I think that you can add a new column “label”, mark “show on tests”, and specifiy which answer is requested.

Moreover, you forgot to rename the columns; The question is: select the “medicine and healthcare” for the “english” above.

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