[Course Forum] Modern Korean: An Intermediate Reader

Hello. I’ve been working on this course for almost a year and am now on the last level. But about the last half the words in the level just have a blank for the english translation. This completely puts the stops on me using this course because even if I randomly choose one of the blank “answers” it is never correct. Then these words show up in my Difficult Words and Review Words and I can’t get past them.

I tried doing them on the web interface (usually I am using my iphone), but when I click difficult words on the web interface it has an error and can’t open the session. The words with blanks for translations also don’t show up on the web version.

I’d like to be added as a Contributor so I can finish the translations for these words and continue to use this wonderful course from @Naiyo


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I had requested that I be added as a contributor to this course since I could not get a reply from the creator. Memrise denied me that. However I recently upgraded the app because another two courses I started did not work right (in a different way). The upgraded app I think is worse in several ways, like the fonts are often way too small, and I have to hit the “check” button even when the answer is right. But at least those non-working courses started working. And then one day I looked in this course again and the blank cards were gone and instead replaced with normal cards!

So now I completed this course and it all works. If you are having problems like this then try updating the app. I had resisted upgrading for years because of all the posts on the forums indicating that updates to the app generally broke things and made them worse rather than better. I too wish developers would spend more time just fixing broken stuff instead of adding useless features, needless graphical changes, new annoying gimmicks (now every day the app wants me to play some kind of word bingo). At least upgrading fixed this problem though, so thanks for that.