[Course Forum] Modern Complete Hebrew (with audio) by rajuncajun09

I wish I could find a way to contact the course author directly, but i can’t find one.

In level 38 (one of the multimedia lessons) there is a short story that we are supposed to have all the words for in order to read and translate.

It’s rather too bad that we don’t. There are also spelling errors in the Hebrew (on the upside, I could figure out what it was supposed to say!)

Among other things that you should know before attempting to read the mess that is that slide:

Sarah and David are names we haven’t learned: שרה, דוד

The following colors sure come in handy:

Blue: כחול
White: לבן
Orange: כתום
Gray: אפור

The word very: מאוד
About?: על
Today: היום
And buy: קונה

In the third paragraph you come across the word ואוכולים in the first sentence. It should be ואכולים. In the third paragraph, last sentence כותובים should be כותבים.

I hope this helps someone in the future!

And if the creator of the course does see this, please for the love of all that is good in the world, use any other font than that one for the slides! Really, please! It’s pretty hard to read when you’re just starting out as it makes everything look the same, and everything look kind of weird (why is the zayin flat on top?)

That said, I’m mostly enjoying the course, and I appreciate the time that went into it.


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you should post the link to the course, probably this one? http://www.memrise.com/course/364795/modern-hebrew-complete-with-audio/
and give the name of the creator like this @rajuncajun09

given that the nick of the creator did not turn grey (i.e. the creator is not active in here) maybe @Lien can help by sending an email to the course creator. If the course creator does not answer (one, two weeks) then you can ask Lien to add you as a contributor

I’m afraid course creator rajuncajun09 is no longer active on Memrise.
If anyone is interested in becoming a contributor for this course, let me know and I’ll happily add you!
More info here

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I’ve been having some issues where the course is asking me to type words in but is not offering the correct letters to be able to do so, even if I know the answer (example below). Is this an issue with this course or a general hebrew issue?

If anyone is taking care of this course,
there is a spelling issue in lesson 27 on the 5th word.
“Duck” is spelled ברוז (single vav) instead of ברווז.

Answer is top right, however it should be והמלח instead of ומלח

Second is the answer, however it should say הענבים הישנים שלהם מכינים ריבה instead, which can be otherwise translated to “their old grapes are being made into jam”. The Hebrew sentence is saying “their old grapes(m) are making(f) jam”. The grapes are being made into jam, not the ones actively making jams (plus the “making” verb is f in the answer, whereas grapes is m, so if the grapes are actively making jam, it should be עושים, not עושות.

I’m pretty sure on Level 16 there is an error. You learn בבקשה as meaning both ‘please’ and ‘you’re welcome,’ but אין בעד מה (meaning ‘you’re welcome’) is not taught.