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The Michel Thomas French Complete course by jdgamble555, has an error in translation on Level 14. The French is: pourriez-vous me dire comment ça se dit en français … the English translation is: could you tell me how on says it in french (that says).

The “on” does not make sense in this translation. Is it meant to be “one”?

Can you please take a look at this @jdgamble555.


It is fixed.

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Thank you @jdgamble555!

Hi @jdgamble555
I’m also doing the Michel Thomas French course and keep getting it wrong when asked to translate “Do you want to come with me” into French. Based on how the sentence is structured I write “voulez-vous venir avec moi”. However the correct answer given is "est-ce que vous voulez venir avec moi’.
Can I suggest adding "(eat-ce que) to the end of the question to avoid confusion and inconsistency.

I made you a moderator so you can fix it.

Done…I think…

Not sure if anyone is still watching this thread but here goes…

One phrase in the michel thomas course uses “ca” for it
Ca ne sera pas necessaire de le faire aujourd’hui
Whereas another almost identical phrase uses “ce”
Ce ne sera pas necessaire de le faire comme ca
And another phrase uses “il”
Il me semble que
Can anyone explain or point me to an explanation of when each option should be used?

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There are some additions to the course with incorrect audio, which really throws me off during audio review. I can delete the bad audio and replace it with correct audio if someone would make me a contributor.


I can’t make you a contributor but if you send me the details I can delete the audios that are incorrect. I just reviewed the new content and I couldn’t find any incorrect audios.


la révolution informatique has the audio for compter
elle réfléchissait au problème has the audio for réformiste
I know there are one or two more, I’ll look for them later. If you are adding something and you press enter while a suggested word is highlighted, it will switch it to the highlighted word and add that audio. If you correct it instead of deleting it, it will keep the audio.

Also, there was one that was entered with incorrect agreement and later corrected, but sometimes still shows the original as the correct answer. I’m pretty sure the only way to get rid of the incorrect answer is to delete it from the database. I’ll see if I can find it later, it might be a matter of whether the app or the browser is being used.

Also on level 15, jetable has two Ts, should only be one.

Thank you.

As per the two screen shots below there are no audio files currently attached to the two examples you gave. Perhaps someone else has already amended them I did check using Edge and Chrome to ensure the browser wasn’t a factor.

Yes I’ve started checking before saving to ensure that an audio file hasn’t been attached.

I’ve amended jetable.

Let me know if you find any others.


Weird, I’m still getting it on both of my androids.

If you ever decide you want to add audio to the course, I would be glad to help. And I know there have been a few grammar problems for a long time, I will look through what I have on ignore and see if I can find them.

Ok. I’ll try deleting and adding them again.

Thanks for the offer. As you detailed in your previous message the Audios were added automatically by the program. I just need to be more careful about checking before saving the additions.

They’ve both been deleted and re-added, without any audio file. Hopefully that will be the case on your Android version. Looks like they have both reverted to unlearned words on mine.

I have to share this 2000 day streak with someone, and you all are the only ones who will understand.



I’m planning a new course that will be a continuation of this course, this one is good for travel but I want to make one that will build on that for people who want to understand the language better for reading, movies, conversation, etc. This is what I have in mind so far, if anyone wants to suggest additions I would love to hear from you! My email is frenchonmemrise@gmail.com

audio, gradually increasing speed
add a database column to explain common errors
more practice with tu
different question forms
gender use and spelling
complex negatives
top 5000 vocabulary, emphasis on words that are not similar to English
indirect object pronouns
levels addressing things like au-dessous, en dessous, par-dessous, ci-dessous, là-dessous
pronomial verbs
tenses and moods


This sounds like it will be a good course which I’ll be keen to undertake once it’s ready.

Hi Fishslap,

That’s quite an undertaking. Congratulations.

You mention a focus on audio. This would be my main need right now. I’m learning French because I now live in France. Although I had started to learn before arriving here, I had not progressed nearly enough…Big Mistake! Now my speaking, writing and reading have advanced significantly but my aural comprehension is still lagging. Anything where ther is a need to understand aural passages (not just words) would be very helpful.

I find the Memrise Michel Thomas course so effective because it works well with the original Michel Thomas course and the Michel Thomas course worked well for me because (at least the core course modules) placed an emphasis on explaining why grammar etc in Franch is how it is which made it much easier to retain. I found that other courses that just throw words and phrases at you to remember didn’t work.

I don’t really have anything to add to your list right now but, going forward if I think of anything I’ll pass it on.

All the best with the course.

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Hi @FishSlap - congrats on your 2000 day streak. That’s a mighty effort. Well done!

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There’s one on level 13 that needs to be corrected, it’s near the top:
parler avec elle / speak with her should be the imperative, parlez avec elle… Or the English should be changed to “to speak with her”