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The Michel Thomas French Complete course by jdgamble555, has an error in translation on Level 14. The French is: pourriez-vous me dire comment ça se dit en français … the English translation is: could you tell me how on says it in french (that says).

The “on” does not make sense in this translation. Is it meant to be “one”?

Can you please take a look at this @jdgamble555.


It is fixed.

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Thank you @jdgamble555!

Hi @jdgamble555
I’m also doing the Michel Thomas French course and keep getting it wrong when asked to translate “Do you want to come with me” into French. Based on how the sentence is structured I write “voulez-vous venir avec moi”. However the correct answer given is "est-ce que vous voulez venir avec moi’.
Can I suggest adding "(eat-ce que) to the end of the question to avoid confusion and inconsistency.

I made you a moderator so you can fix it.

Done…I think…

I must also add thanks for the time and effort that it must have taken to create this course.
It’s such a great companion to the audio course!

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Cd 5 Track 4 of the Michel Thomas Complete course details the use of “de” when following a noun or adjective.

In the Memrise course this rule doesn’t apply with the statement “I would like very much to see you” which translates to “Je voudrais beaucoup vous voir” as opposed to Je voudrais beaucoup de vous voir"

I understand that this is the correct translation but I don’t understand why there is no “de” in this example. Can anyone provide an explanation?

Thanks in advance…