[Course Forum] Media Arabic w/audio by Ustatha_Zahra

Hi, i would like to contact the creator of the course “Media Arabic w/audio”. Her name is Ustatha_Zahra. I would like to contact her becaus a month a go she changed the settings of the course whereby the learning exercises don’t ask anymore to type the words, only choosing. For me it was much better with typing. How can i contact her about the issue? i can’t find any mailadress.

Many thanks

I’ve sent her an email with a link to this thread. Hopefully she can soon join the conversation.

I understand this issue but the problem is I have about half the people who use the course want typing enabled and half don’t. I can’t please both.

Ideally, I could copy the course and make one typing enabled and one not. Unfortunately, the course is huge and I don’t have time to upload it all again. I have emailed memrise support several times to see if they could create a copy of the course so that I could set one as typing and one without typing but all I receive back are form emails about course creation.

I am at my wits end about how to best help people when they keep asking opposite things of me.

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Ustatha_Zahra: Thanks again for this great course.

If I have time by the end of October, I might try to upload a second version of the course to enable typing. But I must say, as far as I am concerned, choosing the words is way better than typing, especially for such an advanced course. Typing slows you down so much, I really advise all learners to avoid or minimize typing for courses that include more than a 1000 words.

Hi Ustaza Zahra

I love the Media Arabic course, thanks for the great work you’ve put into it. I also prefer tapping tests to typing.

Can you activate the Audio Mode? It seems a waste that the Audio is present, but Listening Mode isn’t an option for testing.