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Welcome to the forum for the course Master Spanish Verb Conjugations. Here, you will find updates on the course such as changes made, fixes, etc.

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(New/Updated Course)

This is the newly created course of my previous WIP course that I hadn’t spent time on in a while and which wasn’t finished. However, this newer course will be replacing that one and is practically complete but is missing the bonus Landmarks level.

If you find any mistakes, missing items, or inconsistencies within the course, please do post them here so that I can be notified and they can be fixed.

Any questions you have, post them here and I shall answer them as soon as possible.

Many thanks for taking the course and spending time here!

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Update 1: 29/06/20229 - Wednesday

  • Corrected a few typos.

Update 2: 01/07/2022 - Friday

  • Improved and corrected audio for Level 2: Pronouns, Level 3: Infinitives, and Level 4: Indicative Present - Regular

Update 3: 21/11/2022 - Monday

  • Recreated the entire course. Audio hasn’t been included, nor has the bonus Landmarks level. Audio will not be added as of yet, it will be added in the future, however, I don’t know when. There won’t be a Landmarks level, as this will interfere with Memrise displaying the intended items people will actually want, so I have decided that this level will be a web-based game that will come some time in the future.

Update 4: 28/11/2022 - Monday

  • Updated the English translations in the Indicative Imperfect - Irregular level for the verbs ser, haber, estar, and tener so that they are more consistent and to distinguish them from the preterite translations. However, do note that the imperfect forms of these verbs do translate to the same thing as the preterite forms, in English.
  • Added the link to this forum page to the Introduction READ ME level.

Update 5: 04/12/2022 - Sunday

  • Made the course tap only so there is no longer a need to type anything.

Update 6: 17/12/2022 - Saturday

  • Just changed the title of the course (and this forum) (added - No Typing).

Update 7: 29/08/2023 - Tuesday

  • Added audio to levels: Pronouns, Infinitives, and Indicative Present - Regular.

Update 8: 02/09/2023 - Saturday

  • Added audio to levels: Indicative Present - Irregular, Indicative Preterite - Regular, and Indicative Preterite - Irregular.

Update 8: 03/09/2023 - Sunday

  • Added audio to levels: Indicative Imperfect - Regular and Indicative Imperfect - Irregular.

Known Issues:

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Questions and Suggestions

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1: 21/22/2022 - Monday

  • Course has been recreated.
  • No audio has been added, but there will be at some point in the future.
  • There will no longer be a Landmarks level. This will a web-based game that I will make some time in the future.

2: 29/11/2022 - Tuesday

3: 01/12/2022 - Thursday

  • This course will be made tap only over the coming weekend.

4: 04/12/2022 - Sunday

  • There is a course on the way for conjugations in Galician. It will be ready for release next week.

5 13/12/2022 - Tuesday

  • The course for Galician conjugations has now been released! Please see above to find a link to the course.

6: 18/12/2022 - Sunday

  • Will be creating this course for Portuguese speakers.

7: 18/12/2022 - Tuesday

  • Audio is being added to the course. Check the Updates section form more info.