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Welcome to the forum for the course Master Portuguese Verb Conjugations. Here, you will find updates on the course.

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If you find and mistakes, missing items, or inconsistencies within the course, please do post them here so that I can be notified and they can be fixed.

I hope you enjoy the course, and it helps you in your endeavours in learning Portuguese. Now, go on and Master Portuguese Verb Conjugations.

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Update 1: 2022/12/03 - Saturday

  • Updated a translation error for the verb partir in the Conditional - Regular level.

Update 2: 2022/12/04 -Sunday

  • Updated the course to now be tap only so there is no longer a need to type.

Update 3: 2022/12/05 - Monday

  • Fixed incorrect word order in the Context I and Context II fields in the Imperative Negative - Regular and Imperative Negative - Irregular levels. The text in the fields were for example: não tu sejas! which has been corrected to tu não sejas!.

Update 4: 2022/12/17 - Saturday

  • Just changed the title of the course (and this forum) (added - No Typing).

Known Issues

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Questions and Suggestions

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1: 2022/12/01 - Thursday

  • This course will be made tap only over the coming weekend.

2: 2022/12/01 - Sunday

  • There is a course on the way for conjugations in Galician. It will be ready for release next week.

3: 2022/12/13 - Tuesday

  • The course for Galician conjugations has now been released! Please see above to find a link to the course.

4: 2022/12/18 - Sunday

  • Will be creating this course for Spanish speakers.

5: 2022/12/24 - Saturday

  • The word tables have all been made for the Portuguese course for Spanish speakers. I’ll be creating it and releasing it after Christmas.