[Course Forum] Marugoto A2/B1 by gite.oo96


This is the official course forum for Marugoto A2/B1. It’s still working in progress but I hope I can finish the course (at least the vocabulary) in the next few weeks!

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I spotted a few typos while going through the course :grinning:

トピック 2

  • いっこだて = “attached house” should be “detached house”
  • じょうけんい = “conditional form” should be じょうけん

(Kanji Prompt) トピック 2

  • 条件 = じょうけんい should be 条件 = じょうけん

(Kanji Prompt) トピック 8

  • 丁寧 = ていねいたい should be 丁寧

Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into these courses! :smile:

Thanks! I fixed it :slight_smile:

thanks so much for your effort to correct me every time haha sometimes it feels like very exhausting so I rush things through. So, I really appreciate your help ^^

(Kanji Prompt) トピック 2 still seems to have the wrong kanji for けい in 条件【じょうけんけい】: 系 (lineage, system) instead of 形 (form, tense) :smile:

That’s weird, cause I remembered that I put it in correctly :smiley: could you check it again? Thanks so much!! ^^

It has the correct kanji now, thanks! :smile: