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I’m also planning to do Marugoto B1 :slight_smile:


In the 10th level (“Level 5”) the word かんこうシーズン is translated to “view”, but it probably should be “tourist season”. :smiley:

Also, when I was learning the words from the first level (“missing vocabularies”) it seemed that there could possibly be a duplicate of the word にがてな “poor at” in the database. In the multiple choice questions I was shown both にがて and にがて, second of which was translated “poor (at)” if I remember right.


Thank you so much for your feedback!
I fixxed the “tourist season” vocab and regarding the にがて(な): Because it is an な adjective I try to add the な to every adjective which needs it. “poor (at)” is an adjective, therefore I added the な :slight_smile: I’m not even sure if there’s a noun for にがて(な).

Maybe it would be better to put it into brackets and allow both inputs?

What I meant was that there seem to be two versions of the same word in the course:

See both にがてな and にがて. :smiley:

Aah thank you! I fixed it for this specific adjective, but it might appear again with new な adjectives. It is, because I introduced Kanji Prompt levels at the end.

Hi again! :grinning:

  • In level 10 (“Level 5”) ダイビング should be “diving” instead of “drive”.
  • In level 20 (“Level 10”) and level 49 ("(Kanji Prompt) Level 10") 祈る [いのる] “to pray” should be 祈る [いのる].
  • In level 49 ("(Kanji Prompt) Level 10") the kanji for ほうさく “good harvest” should be 豊作, not 方策. 豊作 = abundant harvest; bumper crop, 方策 = plan; policy.

Thank you! I just fixed it. ^^

Hello again! :slightly_smiling_face:

Level 8

  • えんりょする “to reserve” should be something like “to refrain/be reserved/hesitate”
  • ごえんりょください “refrain from ~ (formal)” should be ごえんりょください without the extra く
  • もってきます “to bring” is in the ます-form while others verbs are in the dictionary form, so it would probably better for this to be もってくる?

Level 11

  • おんがくプレーヤー “music player” is taught twice in the level

Level 13

  • きよみずでら “Kiyomizudera” should be きよみずでら without the extra う
  • きよみずのぶたい “the stage of kiyomizu” should be きよみずのぶたい without the extra う
  • ごしょ “Gosho” should be ごしょ without the extra う
  • しじょうかわらまち “Shijoo kawamachi” should be “Shijoo kawaramachi”
  • たのしみにしてきました “was looking forward you” --> “was looking forward to
  • ぐんい “armed forces” should be ぐん
  • ほねをやめる “to take a rest (諺)” should be ほねをやめる

Level 17

  • アルル “Aries (in France)”, “Aries” should be “Arles”
  • じつじょうか “business man, entrepreneur” should be じつぎょう
  • プロのチェフ “professional chef” should be プロのシェ

(Kanji Prompt) Level 9

  • きせい “return to one’s city” 規制 kanji should be 帰省 (規制[きせい] = regulation, control)

(Kanji Prompt) Level 13

  • きよみずでら “Kiyomizudera” 起用水寺 should be きよみずでら and 水寺
  • きよみずのぶたい “the stage of kiyomizu” 起用水の舞台 should be きよみずのぶたい and 水の舞台
  • ごしょ “Gosho” 後生 should be ごしょ and 御所 (後生[ごしょう] = afterlife)

(Kanji Prompt) Level 18

  • The reading of 卒業 is just listed as “卒業”, should be そつぎょう


Thank you so much!! I’ll be back from my vacation next week and then I can fix it. :slight_smile:

Hey! I just fixed it :slight_smile: Thanks so much!