[Course Forum] Mandarin Chinese 1-3 by Memrise

I don’t have the sound on my 1 and 2 courses.

Not on the Web nor on the App, anybody else?

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i’ve tried memrise 3 and I don’t get it… now only english-hanzi 4 items in a level , now only pinyin 30 items a level…

well, given that there is plenty to learn without the “official” courses anyhow, not such big deal in fact :grin:

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Sorry to call you outside of the bug section, but I did not think I should take this subject out of the Chinese section as it is course related, at first.

Let me know if you wish for me to post another subject in the bug section. Cheers :slight_smile:

At this time, Memrise Chinese courses only have audio for Chinese/English words. Unfortunately, Chinese Character levels will not have any audio. :sweat_smile:

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Hi, I’m not sure where to bring up this topic so maybe this is the wrong place but I hope someone can help in some way (at least to bring it to the attention of those who can do something about it).
A problem I keep having is that when I’m tasked to answer what a chinese word means in english (for example the character for again) and I need to click one of 4 boxes with english words, there are 2 boxes that says exactly the same word “again” and no matter which one I click it says wrong and lights up the other as correct (green coloured). It is not just with this word and not only from chinese to english but also vice versa for example english word we and the answer boxes contain 2 boxes with chinses “women” exactly the same with the small v thingy over the o (I have no idea how to create that v thingy but hope you understand anyway).
These errors make it kind of annoying since I, even when I know the words, get an incorrect answer - in spite of the answer being correct.
Grateful for any help :slight_smile:


I have noticed that when asking for Pinyin, memrise is very picky about the spacing. However, the spacing isn’t very consistent in the course itself. For example “wŏmen” does not have a space, where as “nĭ men” does. So, in addition to having to learn the pinyin, one has to learn some arbitrary spacing.

I realize it isn’t common to have input methods for entering the tones, but it also seems like it might be a good idea to ask for the tones when writing pinyin.


in addition to the spacing thing, some words have the tone accent in the wrong place.
for example from

1.5: cùo le should be cuò le
2.2: zhōngguó (correct) and zhōnggúo rén (wrong)

there are a few more, but the issue seems to be that in UO sometimes the accent is on the U and sometimes on the O (should always be O)

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I have a problem with typing the latinized versions of the Chinese words, I just don’t know how to type them. How do you type special characters such as the ‘ǒ’ in wǒ? Are there bindings on your keyboard that allows this or do I have to stick to alt codes?

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I think I use: http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/10274-pinyinput-type-pinyin-with-tone-marks/

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Many courses use the number system for their courses, so these characters can be avoided. Or are we talking outside Memrise only here?

The number system doesn’t seem to work, at least not in the course I’ve been trying (Mandarin Chinese 1).

The course accepts your answers without the tone. But it is a shame not to formalize your learning of them.

I will move your post to the section of their course, they might take it into account.

The entry for the character 面 in Chapter 4 of Mandarin 1 shows the English instead of the pinyin, while all the other characters in the chapter show the pinyin. Please fix this. It should be miàn.

An error in Mandarin Chinese 2: it should be ‘soy sauce’ or ‘soya sauce’, but not ‘soy source’!

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An error in Mandarin Chinese 2: ‘I don’t think this one is not nice looking’ is borderline ungrammatical and means something different. The English should read either, ‘I don’t think this one is nice looking’, or, ‘I think this one is not nice looking’ (with subtly different meanings).

Thanks for pointing this out! I have asked my Chinese colleague Xia to look into it asap.

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I have a lot of the same problems as other users. These include:

  1. The same option being offered twice on multiple choice quizzes, and getting a wrong answer for choosing one of them.

  2. Inconsistent spacing and marking incorrect for not “guessing” the correct spacing

  3. Not allowing user tones in the same way that HSK did (which I thought was nice). 1 for high tone, 2 for rising, 3 for fall/rise, 4 for falling, 5 for neutral.

But I have another issue which is maybe a bit trickier. It has to do with dialectical differences. For example, the quiz has yi2 ge5, as the pronunciation (tone on yi is rising). That is not how my fiancee’s family says it. For them it’s yi1 ge5 (tone on yi is high). I think yi2 ge5 is Beijing dialect. I’m sure it’s impossible to accommodate the many dialects that mandarin has to offer, so I don’t have a good solution. But since the main reason for me to learn chinese is to understand her family better, it makes it difficult for me.

One option, which is probably more general for memrise is to allow users to “add their own correct solutions” So if it says you are wrong because you typed “xie xie” instead of “xiexie” you can overrule them and say, no “xie xie” is also right, and it should be accepted as correct in the future as well. I’m not sure it is possible, but it would make this a lot less painful.


This is a huge bug and an annoying one and needs to be the first one fixed!!! Please read this and do something, admins.

@xia.fan Can you please look into what may be causing this issue?

Mandarin Chinese 2 by Memrise seems to be a bit inconsistent with its Pinyin - Eg sometimes requires WOMEN and sometimes WO MEN and there are loads of similar instances .