[Course Forum] Madina Arabis Book 2 - English Key by Nasrul


There is an error in this course (Madina Arabis Book 2 - English Key), in Level 9 / Lesson 10.

The word for sometimes in Arabic is spelt with a ‘taa’ instead of ‘yaa’ therefore, it spells ‘ahtanan’ when it should be ‘ahyanan’

Can this be corrected please? @nasrul :slight_smile:



Thanks! I have emailed the course creator (Nasrul) and invited him/her to this conversation.

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Thank you! Look forward to his response.
Kind regards,

Thank You for your correction sadikmiah.
Yes, It was a typo. I have corrected it.

If you dont mind, I could add you to the contributor.
I will wait for your confirmation.

Thank you.

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You’re most welcome. I don’t mind being made a contributor.

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I have found a couple more but couldn’t figure out how to change it.

  1. Level 21, Lesson 26. unta should be untha (female)
  2. Level 9, Lessons 10. The English for metre has an extra ‘e’: metere

You may find this article helpful:

More course creation/editing info here:

yes, you could go stright to http://www.memrise.com/course/153111/madina-arabic-book-2-english-key/edit


There are a few mistakes I have noted and was wondering if you could correct them please.

In lesson 15 يا أبت there should be a fatha on the ب instead of sukun

Lesson 18 for سيد the English you have put gentlement but it should be gentleman

In lesson 27 for the verb خاف the English says to faer but it should be to fear

Also in 27 for egg you have put بسضة but it should be بيضة

In lesson 28 بقي has a kasrah on the ب but it should be fatha

Also in 28 تناضول shouldn’t have ض

In lesson 29 for سد you have wrote to bock instead of to block

In lesson 30 أخريا should be أخريان and say dual instead of dua, also there should be dammah on أخرى not a fatha

In lesson 30 جيد says god instead of good
and also I get two options of جيد so If I choose the wrong one I don’t get it

Also I have completed but it tells me I have done 441/446

Thankyou very much I hope these can be corrected, I very much enjoyed this course and it was very beneficial

thank you.
right now i quite busy.
but i have made you one of the contributors of the course.
please help fixing it.

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Thankyou, I have corrected the mistakes and some more which I spotted however when I go on the course nothing seems to have changed?