[Course Forum] Lithuanian - Nė Dienos Be Lietuvių Kalbos - by Askea

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Course is unfinished (as of Oct 13th, 2017) but I published it now in case current classmates wished to use it. It should be finished in December 2017.

Please let me know if there are error.s

I like the course very much. Thank you.
There are a few errors in Lesson 4 Universitetas yra senamiestis instead of senamiestyje
Lesson 9 Mano vardas Ruta o tavo. My name is Ruta and you, should be yours.
Lesson 10 ponele should be panele
Lesson 14 Koks tavo telefono numberis should be numeris

Thank you! I’m glad you like this course.

I have fixed those errors.

If you find more please let me know.

I like the way you are organizing this course.Thanks

Level 16 dirbi translated as to work
Level 18 vairuotojas indicated as feminine
Level 24 vaziuojame indicated as I go

Fixed! Thank you.

Yours is such a fine course. I wonder why more learners are not discovering it.

In lesson 10 2 errors:
We study and the university.
Jos kalba - She speaks.

Fixed them. Thanks

Level 10 They speak French not indicated as feminine.

Fixed. Thanks

Level 22 Klaipeda is misspelled as Kalipeda.
Level 16 rasytojastas I think should be rasytojas.
I am an English speaker so may be wrong.
Merry Christmas

Thanks. I fixed those.

(Merry Christmas to you too!)

Level 29 prossenele one s too many

I do not know which is correct:
Level 36 Tomas turi sesere
Level 40 As turiu seseri.

Level 39 English word fine is used instead of five
Level 41 As turi is used instead of as turiu.

I’ve fixed those. Thanks for pointing them out.