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I’m not sure if it’s a mistake or me not getting something but, in level 24, shouldn’t “los autos de acel omes” (their cars of those men) instead be “la autos de acel omes” (the cars of those men)?

@Baas Also, new possessive determiners have been added to the language: mea, nosa, tua, vosa and sua.
This means that “el sore” would be “sua sore”, and “la tu - your (sg)” would either be
"tua - your (sg)" (e.g. tua casa es cara - your house is expensive) or
"la tua - yours (sg)" (e.g. la tua es cara - yours is expensive).

The correct phrase is “la autos de acel omes”.

Thanks for your message!

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Hey, thanks a lot for your message. I’ve fixed the mistakes. :slight_smile:

The correct possessive adjectives are:
mea - my
tua - your (sg)
sua - his, her, its
nosa - our
vosa - your (pl)
sua - their

BTW, the possessive pronouns are:
la mea
la tua
la sua
la nosa
la vosa
la sua

If there’s anything else, please let me know.

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Thank you very much

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