[Course Forum] Learn the IPA (phonetic alphabet) by michaeliannozzi

Hi all, starting a thread for this course! I had a few questions/remarks:

-Level 3 seems to be just a repeat of level 2, not the actual phonemes like in other levels with this label.

-I have a somewhat hard time hearing the difference between “voiceless bilabial plosive” [p] and “voiced bilabial plosive” [b] on the recordings. Is it just me?

-For the “voiceless alveolar plosive” [t], it really sounds more like a “[d]” to me in the recording the first time he says it (and a [t] the second time). Again, is it just me needing to train my ear?




There are a few recordings that are indistinguishable. I also have difficulty in learning the IPA, as the chinese course, because there are four pieces of information that aren’t displayed equally. The audio, individual symbol, the explanation and the meme as a memory aid.
I try reviewing more than is necessary but its difficult to learn the different aspects in this format.

Good points above.

A puzzling point is that some of the words presented in level 7 include vowels that haven’t been seen yet: [ɒ] and [ɜ]. It doesn’t matter much, but it leaves me wondering whether it’s intended.