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I have been busy and have not had time to continue to work on this course. However, I have had time and have redone the course and it is practically complete, just without the bonus level at the end.

Find the new course here: Master Spanish Verb Conjugations - by Kijul - Memrise

Find the new forum here: [COURSE FORUM] Master Spanish Verb Conjugations

¡Saludos y bienvenido!

Welcome to the forum for the course Learn Spanish Conjugations (WIP). Here, you will find updates on the course such as changes made, fixes, etc.

Find the course here: course no longer available

Didn’t realise the link was to the wrong page. Now fixed.

If you find any mistakes, missing items, or inconsistencies within the course, please do post them here so that I can be notified and they can be fixed.

Any questions you have, post them here and I shall answer them as soon as possible.

Many thanks for taking the course and spending time here!

Update 1: 2022/03/22

  • Added imperative mood, affirmative and negative.

Update 2: 2022/03/22

  • Changed some abbreviations to make them consistent.
  • Added the updated abbreviations to the IMPORTANT READ ME level.
  • Added both past and present participles.

Update 3: 2022/03/23

  • Added all subjunctive forms.
  • Added new abbreviations to the IMPORTANT READ ME level.

Update 4: 2022/03/23

  • Fixed typo(s)
  • Fixed incorrectly made Imperative Negative - Irregular level database. The level is now correct.

Update 5: 2022/03/23

  • Added new abbreviations sg. and pl. to distinguish English forms of you.

Update 6: 2022/03/23

  • Added audio files to the Personal Pronouns level.

Update 7: 2022/03/24

  • Added another set of audio files to the Personal Pronouns level.

Update 8: 2022/03/25

  • Fixed incorrect English translation in the Imperative Negative - Irregular level (it seems the fix before didn’t get saved or for some reason I’m unsure of.).
  • Added new Landmarks level with a couple of images (more will be added in the future).

Update 9: 2022/03/25

  • Added audio for the Infinitives level.

Update 10: 2022/03/26

  • Added new immages to the Landmarks level as well as the required licences (if applicable).

Update 11: 2022/04/07

  • Added audio for the Indicative Present - Regular level.
  • Added 2 new images to the Landmarks level.
  • Added more information to the mages as well that display the author(s), licence, and site they come from.
  • Made the course public so more people can find it and test it out.

Known Issues

  • Words that have accented letters and punctuation are marked correct without them as alternate correct answers have not yet been added.

  • Missing subjunctive levels.
    Is now fixed.

  • Missing audio
    This will be added in the future.
    Audio files added for personal pronouns.
    Audio files added for regular indicative present.

  • When testing the Landmarks level, I was getting Error code 500. Not entirely sure why this is. I have added images with a smaller file size, but the issue occurs nonetheless.


  • Addition of extra levels containing images of landmarks and other such items for fun.
    New level containing landmarks added (more to be added)(forgot to add this when I made the level).

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