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I am trying to complete Learn Spanish Conjugation course but the last section named « More and Memory Game » doesn’t allow me to complete saying that there is a network error. I have even downloaded the course, but it still doesn’t work.

Hi @kpaxico,

The creator of this course is no longer active on Memrise or Decks but I have contributor status for this course which allows me to make edits (within limits).

I guess that you are, like me (and others) stuck on 1009/1010 words learned. Although Level 23 says that it contains “14 words”, it actually only has 13 items (all images) and I guess was possibly added as just a bit of ‘fun’ to finish the course. The 14th item in this level, which shows as “End of the Course”, is not a learnable item because the course creator decided not to put anything in the subject column. It’s a strange arrangement and I don’t know why he chose to do things this way but he put a note in the attributes column for this item asking that it should not be changed. Here is a picture of the edit page for this level so that you can see what I am saying:

So it’s not an error or a bug, as such, just the way he set his course. I don’t want to try deleting that final item because he has asked that it be left as it is - and I wouldn’t want to risk corrupting his work.

I hope this explanation helps.


Hi alanh,

Thanks for the reply and for the very detailed explanation. After exercising all those verbs and tenses, it really frustrated me of not being able to complete the course, but it’s also kind of funny: May be he/she wanted us to come back and review again and again :slight_smile:

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Hi @kpaxico, if you’re interested in additional conjugation practice I thought you might be interested in this course which gives verb forms in approximate frequency order, based on movie subtitles.

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Hi Ian,

Thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t know about this one :slight_smile: Verb conjugations really slows me down during speaking. So, I try to practice them as much as possible.

Thanks again.

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I love Ian_nm’s top spoken verb forms courses. I love the way the different tenses are all tested.

If you want more drills focusing on one tense at a time, aitchdubya’s 15 LATAM courses are awesome:

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Greetings -

I completed this course a long time ago and still have it in my list to continuously review it and keep the conjugations fresh in my mind. However, there is one thing about this course that has really bugged me ever since I first started using it - there are several words in the “Imperative” section that don’t give you enough info to know whether it’s asking for the singular familiar, singular formal, plural familiar, or plural formal, when it gives you the English translation and asks for the right Spanish word. So I always just have to guess which one it wants, and see if it’s right or wrong. Why hasn’t anyone fixed this yet after all this time, and is there anyone who can?

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Hi @ryoshenron and welcome to the forum.

I have ‘contributor’ status for this course. I’ll take a look at Levels 10 and 11.

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Hi again @ryoshenron,

I have looked into this now. Are you, by any chance, doing your tests on the Android app version? If so, this may be the issue and I’m not sure if there is a way to fix it.

I do most of my tests on the web version and, there, the pronoun is shown when the test appears, so there is a clear hint as to which answer is required. For example:


On the Android version, it only shows “imperative irregular” on the test screen and the pronoun is not displayed until after the answer has been given. The iOS app version displays are similar to the web version.

@Olaf.Rabbachin - You are my ‘go to guy’ for things relating to the Android app. I don’t know of any way of solving this different approach taken by the Android app. Do you? Here is an example of how the course originator set things up:

I could really only try this out. It might very well be possible that the Android app will only show one additional field/column, when presenting a word/phrase. The way I see it, this really is quite a shortcoming.

Hi alanh,

Yes, I am using the Android app.

The thing is, this isn’t a problem for ALL the words in the imperative section. If you look at the imperative conjugations for tener, for instance, the English translations are written as “Have (sing.)!”, “Have! (sing., formal)”, “Have! (plur., formal)”, etc., so some of these words state which form it wants right in the English translation, so I can see that and everything is fine. If all the words in that section did the same thing, there wouldn’t be a problem, whether the Android app displays those extra hints or not.

Also, thanks for replying and looking at this so quickly, I didn’t know if this was a dead course by now or not.

Hi @ryoshenron ,

Thanks. Interestingly, I now see from a very new forum topic that has been added since you first posted, there is a ‘cloned’ copy of this course and the owner of that one has recently added the annotations that will help you. I was not aware of that course’s existence and don’t know how long it has been around. Here is a link to it:

As you can see from that course’s leaderboard, it has a healthy following. The course leaderboard for the ‘original’ version usually has a dozen or so (very) active users.

I’ll take a look at your suggestion of adding something to the English translations.

Wait a second, this IS the course I’ve been using! I haven’t even been using the one that this forum is for, I see that the one I’ve been using does not have “no typing” in the title, and the link you just posted takes me right to the one I’m using. So this one definitely DOES still have the problem I’m talking about, as it’s still exactly the same. I have no idea how to contact whoever manages that one though, it says “deactivated user.”

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Hah! That would explain why I couldn’t see you on the course leaderboard. :grinning:

Try the forum topic just below this one in the list (the one with “WIP” in the title). Although he didn’t include a link to the course, I traced it from his user profile.

I’ll still take a look at the relevant entries in the ‘original’ “No Typing” course when I can.

Good luck!

Hey @alanh .

A link to the course is now on the forum. I had forgotten to put it.

Edit: I’ve made a new course as well as a new forum for it by the name of Master Spanish Verb Conjugations.

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