[Course Forum] Learn kanji vocabulary through music

(Milan ) #1

Whether you want to become better at singing the karaoke version of a song without having to read the furigana, or you just want to enrich your vocabulary even further: my courses containing kanji words from Japanese songs might be able to help you!

I just started out with these two so far:

Asian Kung Fu Generation - 迷子犬と雨のビート of which you can find the actual song here

Rie Fu - For You which is for this song

These lists don’t contain all kanji words from the songs since a lot of them are quite easy, but if people want me to add all kanji words I will gladly do so.

Feel free to hit me up with corrections and suggestions regarding the vocabulary, and to perhaps even suggest some other songs to do as well.

(Q4) #2

Wow thank you so much Milan for these great Japanese Memrise courses! I like to learn Japanese (and other languages) through music song lyrics and video games, hopefully you can make more Japanese music song lyrics Memrise courses and also video game vocab Memrise courses as well in the future, thank you so much again!

(Milan ) #3

Hi there, I didn’t see your response earlier, so sorry for being so late with replying! I will definitely do more songs in the future and have recently started with making more video game courses. I will make a forum post about the video game courses I have created/am working on/plan to make very soon! I am glad to see you enjoyed the course!

(Minh Nguyn510) #4

I have try your course and it make me really exiting about the idea of learning Japanese word through music.
I have found a blog that allow user read song lyrics in Hiragana and Romaji. I think it will be helpful for you guys.
Click here to visit that blog.