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In the course “Learn Italian Grammar” by “@EasyAcademy

Now on Decks as:

there seems to be some mistakes in translating few terms to English.
More specifically, in Level 34 (and maybe other levels) when talking about the possessions, the phrases with “whose” seems to be incorrect.
"Di chi e’ questa macchina? " has been translated to “whose is this car?”
Which, as far as I know, It should be “whose car is this?”
Almost all the terms like this in the course have the same problem.

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isn’t there already a course forum for @EasyAcademy courses?

I couldn’t find it here.
I tried to follow your link, there seems to be some way to contact them directly, but when I click on the link it says “Sorry, you can’t send a message to EasyAcademy.”

Please let me know if there is a better way.

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I already tried and said I can’t send them direct message.
I preferred to do it inside Memrise, not Facebook.
It seems there is no other way.

@EasyAcademy should also get a notification if you tag them in a post. Can you tag @iman.mehrabinezhad (in your first post add @ before easyacademi and it should become a link)

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You can’t send a private message (or DM) until you graduate from being a new user. Memrise calls it trust levels. A new user is someone new to the new Memrise Forum, even if they are not new to Memrise the language learning section.

A new user begins at trust level 0. This is apparently to help prevent spammers. If you read enough posts, like a few posts, and reply to a few posts you will graduate to Basic trust level which will let you send private messages. You are probably close to going up already, it does not take much even if it is a bit of a pain in the neck when all you want is an answer to a simple question or to provide feedback to course contributors.

You can see the description of trust levels and other badges by clicking on the 3 horizontal bars shaped like a square, immediately to the left of your user name, and then clicking on the word badges in the dropdown list, or click on the following link. The trust level badges are all the way down at the bottom so you will need to scroll down to see them:


The more you interact with the community in the forum, reading posts, liking posts, writing respectful/useful posts the higher up the trust levels you will go and the more abilities you will have within the forum.

There has been some posts that may be of interest to you as a new user, and reading them will help you get go up a trust level I suppose. You can access them by clicking on the blue link in the following (the black link will take you to the parent topic area):

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i posted a link … @easyacademy does not wish to have forums created in here, does not wish to answer in here.…please read the related info

…and does not care

Many of @EasyAcademy’s courses are supported by many Contributors.

On the EA courses I am supporting, I have listed the Contributors in the full (web) description.

In addition, I have created "[Course Forum]"s for the courses I support (although often under a group or subject heading and my user name, DW7) which would also include those by EA. (Other Contributors may have done the same.)

It would be helpful if other Contributors to EA’s courses also declared their support in a similar way.

PS There are 9 Contributors to this course so hopefully one of us will address any concerns (if we can).

Hi all

I have been added as a contributor on this course (and have only just discovered this forum).

I’m not sure how the course was created, but it was really badly set up in the first place. In particular, there’s lots of things that aren’t perfect, but as far as I can judge they don’t cause much of a problem as long as you use the in “tapping test” mode.

However, if I’ve missed any issues that actually stop you from learning, just contact me via this forum.

I too, have tried other ways to contact EasyAcademy, without success. I enjoy many aspects of EasyAcademy courses - thank you! One little correction could be made concerning the following:

In level 29, about reflexive verbs, there is a number “1” in both the audio and in print where there certainly shouldn’t be any. The phrase is thus “Devo1 trucarmi …”

Hi, I’ve fixed the written italian, but the only thing I could do with the audio is to delete it completely, I don’t know how to edit it. Let me know if you think I should delete it.

Thank you! I don't know what to say about the audio, which is generally extremely helpful! Maybe you could leave it as is, at least until you find out how to change it.

I still find the course, Learn Italian Grammar, by EasyAcademy, very useful. In Level 70, however, there is the phrase “suggerire a qualcune di” both in print and in the audio. I believe it should be “qualcuno” instead of “qualcune.”

Fixed! I still don’t know how to change the audio I’m afraid.

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Thanks again, colva. I have encountered 2 more little errors in Learn Italian Grammar.

What should be various forms of the verb, “passare” are written and pronounced with a single ‘s.’ It happens more than once in Levels 83 and 84. The other error is that “spiegherò” is replaced, in both spelling and pronunciation, by “spiegerò,” at least in Level 83. I am not sure whether these errors pop up anywhere else.
Thanks for your work on this! It is helpful.

Sorry I don’t know much about the audio or how it was produced.
It sound to me (listening) that it’s computer generated, so does not know the delicacies of Italian.