[Course Forum] "Learn German for Polyglot" by EA now shown as by 'deleted' - errors and comments


(Valentina Popescu) #1

Level 203: " das Entsetzten" for “horror” has a typo; in my opinion it should be “das Entsetzen”, richtig?

Link added by DW7


I’m afraid the creator from this course, EasyAcademy, has deleted his account. If there’s any contributors they could fix it. Are you contributing to this course @DW7?

(DW7) #4

Hi @MarshallLanguages

Are you contributing to this course @DW7?

Found it - it’s https://www.memrise.com/course/250004/learn-german-for-polyglot/

No sorry, I am not. I am mainly Italian.

Also I tend to identify myself as a contributor to any I am supporting.

Perhaps @MemriseSupport can help by contacting a Contributor or ask the German contact @mario2189 to amend it please. (Both invited.)

(DW7) #5

Hi @ValentinaPopescu, I’ve altered the title to an agreed format so it’s more likely to be picked up by others.

(I’ve put it in quotes to try to distinguish the title from the rest of the text.)

(Valentina Popescu) #6

Level 206: another typo mistake: “plfegen = to nurse”
I guess it should be “pflegen”, like in the next word learned:
“die Pflege” = care
Hope this helps new learners.